Pratt MWP Financial Aid

Hello! I was going over my decisions and Aid from the schools I have been accepted to. Turns out Pratt MWP is the cheapest art school that I was accepted to at 6k the tuition. However, due to the required dorm and menu plan this jumps the price to near 17k. I was wondering if I can ask Pratt MWP for more aid? They gave me a 17k merit scholarship, a extra 1k scholarship, 2345 Pell Grant and 6100 grant. I am willing to take out the 5500 Federal loans however no one in my family has good credit to qualify for private loans. I also recieved generous aid from other colleges and was thinking of showing it to Pratt MWP as a example of other schools giving better offer. However, Pratt MWP my top choice right now and would love to go there. Is it possible to ask for more aid? Thanks!