Pre-College shopping

<p>My power went out :( Thank goodness UVA almost never loses power so I can come here and not be sitting in the dark with no A/C. ;) Now if only it were the school year, I could find a lounge with a TV... Anyways, I knew I would be lounging around on a couch (thank goodness not everything is locked up for the summer, there are still some good boring lounges with couches open via id-swipe) and needed a blanket and found out Bed Bath and Beyond at Barracks is selling $15 throw blankets (I got a King size!). They also have these cute electro-man and hub-man outlet and usb extenders (respectively). They are expanding and they have a LOT of stuff there now -- they are going to get a lot of business come school time since they are on the bus route and SO much closer than Walmart and Target!! Also, Walmart is becoming a super walmart and they are looking good, too. Target is typical Target, always great. So what are your plans for school shopping?? :)</p>

<p>^I'll probably only get a surge protector and a new backpack...</p>

<p>As for the power being out, it just happened a few hours ago in UVa and lasted for a couple seconds.</p>

<p>I try to mention this every year...the Charlottesville Bed, Bath & Beyond accepts expired coupons. A mother once told me that she squirreled away coupons for 20% one item over the course of a year and used them all at once when doing back-to-school shopping.</p>

<p>Hahaha my mom stood outside yelling at my dad once to bring back in the paper recycling can because he had thrown out expired BB&B coupons. Those things are AWESOME. Also, you can go online and sign up your school address (off-grounds only I think) and get double. And finally, you can get them emailed to you. CHA-CHING. The best? 20% your entire order :)</p>

<p>This is the first year I won't be "back-to-school" shopping :( :( :( :( A reminder of reality I suppose. I will, however, be "let's become a grown up!" shopping for work/adult attire which will be quite fun. Gap has really turned around and a lot of their stuff is business-geared so I picked up a blazer, two skirts, and a conservative tank top/shell the other day, all for 30% off. My next stop is a slew of (matching, not just "oh it's all black!") suits, trousers, and jackets, as well as some tops for underneath. Oh, and heels, because I'm already a bit tall for a girl and being really tall makes people listen to you..or at least be nice.
Apparently UVA tee-shirts don't fly (although they do have a "wear a team shirt" day once a month on a Friday when no one important will be around..woo!!) My younger sibling goes back to high school the same day I start work, maybe my Mom will pack me a lunch too?</p>

<p>Lol shoe. I really love Kohls and they are building one up near the Target!!! I got a bunch of $8 nice shirts at Target too you might check that out.
I was so mad I didn't have a BB&B coupon, but I would have spent more in gas going to get it than I would have saved on a $15 blanket (and then I would have just gone to Target... that is where I live, up thataways)! My mom gives me all of hers every time I go home haha, and I get them in the mail all of the time. Oh and Target is starting a 5% off everything with Target Card plan in the fall everyone should know about.</p>

<p>Hazelorb...concerning fans -- I know you lived in old dorms; do you have a suggestion on what type of fan(s), how many to get, etc. to make the first and last month a bit more bearable?</p>

<p>Between you and your roommate, get two. I highly suggest finding the ones that are double fans in one unit and they have multiple speeds and you can set your room to be a certain temp and it attempts to get it there. Oh, and there's a remote! You can reverse the fan direction too so in the cooler months when the room smells because no ones done laundry in weeks, you can blow the air out and keep it a nice temp.
Costco sells them for sure, check out Target too. Holmes</a> Window Fan with Digital Thermostat : Target</p>

<p>Slash, at the rate VA is going this summer, it's going to be miserable till November. If you're not familiar with VA weather, it's ALL over the place. Last year it got really cold early september, went back to 90s, froze first week of october, went back to 70s till mid Nov, then shot to 40s/50s.<br>
Then...came the snow. All 12 feet of it. The first snow was miserable, the second got bad, the third closed schools..uuugggghhhhhh
Somewhere in between the winter-ageddon and this blazing hot summer, they were broken up by an earthquake :rolleyes: welcome to VA</p>

<p>Thanks, Shoe! It's SO hot where we live that the thought of not having AC scares her. It's unfathomable here where at 11:52 pm it's cooled down to a mild 91 degrees! I understand housing prohibits window units...I'm presuming the same holds true for those new free standing portable AC units you simply plug in (???). I'm kind of perplexed why housing charges all first years the same housing fee and yet those in Kellogg, Woody, and Cauthen have AC, carpet, two closets, and newer facilities. (i.e. We're all paying the same, but we're not all receiving the same product IMO.) Back in the day, my college had dorms with varying prices based upon amenities. Parents/students could rank order selections based upon what met their budgets and what features were important to them. I've purchased one box window fan already; however, I think I'm going to take it back to Target tomorrow and exchange it for the double one you recommended. Again, thanks!</p>

<p>They eliminating choosing of dorms because of trying to reduce racial segregation. They put out some other PR blurb about it, but when it boils down to it, there was hints of foulness. Anyways, if they put a price on dorms, you would get lots of segregation in the economic, and most likely racial, point. That's why they just mix and mingle and say "hi have a bill". A lot of college is like that :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Anyways, spend the extra money, get the double one! I used mine all four years and it's perfect. Very quiet too. A standard on/off box fan will run you $20 anyways, you might as well spend the extra bucks, it'll be the best ever spent. BB&B most definitely has one too, and 20% off is $32, even better.</p>

<p>ALSO. I suggest to everyone, look into getting a AAA membership. I think it's $60/year but you can get discounts everywhere (Target!) and their roadside assistance is heaven. I got a flat this year, called AAA even though I lost my card and the lady was soooo nice (I was on the verge of tears and this woman was all "oh honey it's ok we'll take care of you!!". Dean J, maybe when you retire you can go work for them ;)). I was also with a carload of people at FoxFields and after this kid's battery died (my not-so-sober self got it jump started (WIN!) but it was so dead it stopped after a minute) and they got him squared away. I highly highly recommend it</p>

<p>I lived in Brown all four years. But in the rare 3 weeks before finals when I needed a fan, I had a freestanding one I could point at my bed. It took up a lot of floor space though, which is at a premium in old dorms (and not at all in Brown)... The good thing about getting 2 box fans is that they are not very big so it would probably be very easy to store them, sliding them into a space they fit in or whatever, it is probably worth it so that you can point one at each bed during the night, sitting them on your desk or whatever.</p>

<p>I agree with UVA charging one price -- at UMich where my brother goes, they charge separate prices, and you can really tell. My brother's friends are really segregated by location+income (they are all from Philly/NY/NJ like us). I'm glad that isn't true at UVA. One of my friends from a lower income rural family chose to live in one of the super small Old Dorms singles because it was cheaper then, and that room is basically a closet. I'm glad current student don't (?) face that dilemma.</p>

<p>Hazelorb...You've brought to my attention something I completely neglected to consider -- where will she store the fans during the months they're not in use? I suppose the double window fan can remain in the window and the other(s) if necessary can stay where they are. (The added floor space would be nice; however, we live far away so she can't simply take them during the holidays. Her roommate is OOS but lives within driving distance (4.5 hours). Perhaps she can take them during Thanksgiving break -- all stuff to think about!</p>

<p>I agree with both you and Shoe about avoiding segregation. From what I was told, that's why the school no longer allows first years to specify a preference between old dorms and new dorms. I don't have a problem whatsoever with complete random assignments. I guess what I would argue, though, is that from an economic standpoint, some consumers are getting shafted. I mean think about it this sign up for a group travel program with a travel agency and the price is fixed for everyone. You don't get to choose your lodging, but when you get there you discover some people were placed in a new Marriott Courtyard (Kellogg), others were placed in a relatively new Holiday Inn Express (Cauthen and Woody), still other's were placed in an older Red Roof Inn that wasn't air-conditioned (Alderman Road), and the last group, your group, was assigned an old, YMCA that didn't have AC and hadn't been renovated in quite some time (McCormick). You're still going to have a fabulous vacation because you'll be out with the group during the day having fun and everything, but in the evening, when the first group goes back to their cold, comfy room, won't you be a little irritated? Would you not call the travel agent and ask to be reimbursed for a portion of the lodging due to the inequities?</p>

Back in the day, my college had dorms with varying prices based upon amenities.

This is currently in vogue at some schools. In a way, it happens here after the first year, when students can opt to stay on Grounds or go off into the world of off-Grounds housing, where accommodations range from plush to modest.</p>