Pre-Med course senior year course selection

<p>I took AP Bio this year, should I take AP Chem or AP Physics to help me prepare for pre-med</p>

<p>Both classes would most likely be helpful either way. General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry (sometimes Inorganic Chem) and Physics are all required for a general pre-med track (I considered premed for a while).</p>

<p>anyone with experience with these classes?</p>

<p>go with the AP-Chem. be sure you get AP-Calc under your belt so Physics will make more sense. but if you only have room for one, and you're looking at Pre-Health concentration, go with the AP-Chem over AP-Physics. Chem classes are always weeders for Pre-Health, but Physics, though required, may not necess be a killer course.</p>