<p>I want to apply early decision to Cal Poly into a Pre-Med track. I do not want to do the traditional Biology, rather a PsychoBiology or something Humanities/Science with Pre-Med. Please let me know about the Pre-Med options at Cal Poly. Thanks!</p>

<p>Im doing nutrition with a concentration in higher science, which is a pre med path. For me its great since I really take an interest to healthy eating, so I get to learn about that(seems like doctors dont know to much about it). I also no some kids doing kinesiology which I wanted to do also but it is incredibly hard to get into that major. If you do though its pretty legit since you learn about excersise physiology etc.</p>

<p>I recall in one of the Poly Live sessions that the advisors said there are a couple of advisors dedicated to guiding pre-med students in multiple majors so they are ready for med/dental/pharmacy graduate programs. Does anyone else recall that web session? They would be a good resource to answer some of your questions.</p>

<p>thats awesome. If I may ask, with what GPA/ACT did you get into the nutrition w/ pre-med major? Thanks, Ill be sure to look into that more.</p>

<p>well I kinda weasled my way in. Food science and nutrition majors are from the same department ("food science and nutrition". after looking around here I found out that food science is easier to get into than nutrition, but its a VERY easy major change from food science to nutrition. So I applied to food science with a 3.7 and a 26 act and got in. But nutrition is still pretty easy compared to kinsiology and bio, I know some people that got in with 3.8 gpas and 27 or 28 acts. </p>

<p>If you dont have great stats I would defiantly look into applieng to food science and switching to nutrition. In order to switch to you gotta take fsn 210"nutrition" chem 127 and bio 161, and keep your GPA at at least a 3.0 but you gotta have good grades anyway for med school. This process is super easy caus during block scheduling where they give you there schedule you are given 1 or 2 of these classes already! Plus most of the food science classes are the same classes that nutrion majors take so you wont take unnecessary classes and fall behind in terms of graduating in 4 years, you just gotta look at both majors flow charts and choose classes that work for both.</p>

<p>One more thing, it might be a good idea to apply for nutrion in early decision, and if early decision doesnt work out just apply under food science.</p>

<p>let me know if u got any other questions.</p>

<p>Thanks! I have a 3.7 weighted and a 31 ACT so I will apply early decision to Nutrition and see how it goes. Also, are there good volunteer options at the hospitals nearby?</p>

<p>ya no problem. Ya your probably good with that 31 act for nutrition, good luck. Im not exactly sure, but I know that because of cal poly moto"learn by doing" I'm pretty sure that theres required volunteer work with the community. I could of sworn hearing about helping senior citizens with their diets or something like that</p>

<p>Found the concentration description on the website</p>

<p>Nutrition Science
The Nutrition Science Concentration prepares students for post-graduate studies in health-related professions, such as medicine or nursing, by emphasizing a strong background in physical and life sciences as well as human nutrition. Students intending further graduate study in certain areas of nutrition research, such as nutritional biochemistry or molecular biology, should also choose this concentration. </p>

<p>Discover</a> Nutrition - Food Science And Nutrition - Cal Poly</p>

<p>My daughter will be in Kinesiology with an ICS concentration. (Independent Course Study). Her concentration will be toward Occupational Therapy grad school. So, she'll meet with a health professions advisor to determine the best track to get all the OT grad school pre-reqs. under her belt before she graduates. They also help you figure out how to apply to the various OT programs, evaluations, essays, etc. I hope it works out for her so she can graduate on time and get accepted to a good grad program! </p>

<p>There is a *slight *chance she might decide to go into Physical Therapy instead. But, she'll have to see how it goes. The Kinesiology dept. also works closely with Nutrition. They have combined projects, some of them through STRIDE and PolyFit. With the emphasis on healthy diet and weight control, they have some opportunities to work together as a team. It looks like a great program!</p>

<p>The ICS track also includes Nursing and Physicians's Assistant.</p>