Precalc with Trig

Is it worth it taking these two classes together?Or does precalc cover most topics from trig?

PreCalc includes Trig but Trig does not include PreCalc.

PreCalc is pretty much Trig + Other random stuffs that’s not useful for Calculus but could be useful for Linear Algebra
(basic matrices, etc.)

So, no, you should not be taking 2 of those classes together because 1 has all of the other.
Think of Trig as… hmm, what’s a good analogy:

If you are learning all about quadrilaterals (= PreCalc), then Trig is squares.
Since you are learning all about quadrilaterals, by default, you should come to understand all of Trig.

moral of story is:
Take PreCalc only. :wink:

You need to check the course descriptions for your school. I’ve never seen trigonometry offered on its own, and it’s possible that the pre-calculus class doesn’t cover it. (Sometimes trigonometry is part of Algebra II rather than pre-calculus.)