Premium scholarships at Centre College

Has anyone received the notification of being selected as a finalist for Brown Fellows Program or Lincoln Scholars Program yet?

Not yet…website says notification in “late February”.

I was told during my online interview that the premier scholarship applicants would be notified about the selection on February 25, 2019.

Does anyone know how the notifications will be sent? Email, Portal, Postal Mail, FedEx?

I contacted the admission office and was informed an hour and a half ago that the scholarship decisions would be released in the next 24 hours.

I think the decisions will be directly emailed to the applicants or they will receive emails instructing them to log into respective CentreNet Portal @WildcatM.

Last year, we were notified by email. And then a letter followed a few days later. If I remember correctly, the selected students were notified a day earlier than the non selected ones.

My daughter was notified tonight that she is invited to the weekend for Brown Fellows

I got an interview invite last night around 5:30 pm EST. I applied for the Lincoln’s


Brown Fellows Invite via email :slight_smile:

I have not received my lincoln’s decisions yet. Has anyone received the letter of losing the chance or just the acceptances?

DD received email indicating that she was not chosen for an interview. I think she received it on 3/1.

We are trying to pull together a list of schools to apply to next year that potentially offer tuition+ to strong students. Can you share any info either on your stats or just general scholarship reqs beyond what’s on the web site.