Prep for AP Physics

I’d like to get a jumpstart on AP Physics by studying it over the summer. Our HS teacher is notoriously difficult, so I want to go into the class prepared. Has anyone had experience with a great condensed summer prep program either at a university or online? I’m not looking for course credit, just trying to be prepared for the course. My closest community college doesn’t offer it to HS students and if I take it at my school, they’ll give me credit for it. (I don’t want the credit forced on me) Ideas?

How about asking the teacher if you can borrow a copy of the textbook, which you can read over the summer? Perhaps you can get a copy of the syllabus too, to help guide and focus your study.

Khan Academy probably has something that could help you too.

Wait, which AP Physics exactly is it? There are three, AP Physics I, AP Physics II and AP Physics C. In general, I totally agree with @Groundwork2022. I would try and get a good textbook for a head start study. Maybe even the one used by your school for the AP class. Getting the syllabus is helpful too.

Also, look at Bozeman AP Physics or Khan Academy Physics. I find Bozeman videos to be really helpful. They are relatively quick and to the point, while also providing some moderate practice. There are summer prep courses but I honestly wouldn’t sweat it. You have to pay around $500 for those. I would also suggest simple, introductory books on AP Physics that you can find on

I would personally recommend these books to be honest:

AP Physics I:

AP Physics II:

These are “Dummies” books (please take no offense from the title, I have used these books too) and based on the ones I have used, they are excellent for introducing yourself to new material quickly and conceptually. Unfortunately, there is no book for AP Physics C. Also, I am pretty sure there is AP Physics summer work mandated by your school. I haven’t taken any AP Physics classes yet (waiting on senior year to jump into AP Physics C), but the summer work probably is there to introduce fundamentals. Don’t take my word for it though… Good luck!

Thanks. I’ll be taking AP Physics I. The textbook idea is something I didn’t even think about, so thanks! I will do that.

For Physics 1 and 2, a very good textbook that goes in-depth into all the topics covered by the AP and more is College Physics 8th edition.

pearson online academy has summer program for hs student but you have to pay and you still get credit; self pace