Prep school or some college level coursework before UK University

Hi there,

I’m interested to know if there is a path to a UK University for my s2023 who is a bit of an academic late bloomer (in part due to remote schooling during the pandemic). By the time he is applying he will have at least two honors classes and one AP Class. He can’t take summer coursework and sit for any other APs before he applies and I know he does not have enough AP Coursework. He takes SATS for the first time next month and I’m waiting for class rank and GPA.

I am assuming transferring from a US University is not a thing, but is it possible to attend, say, our local flagship for 1-2 years and then apply to UK University as a first-year? Would a prep school be a better choice? Where?

Long term goal is Edinburgh for Veterinary.

Thanks for any advice.

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As this is quite a specific plan, I would advise contacting Edinburgh.

In general, completion of a year or two at a US university is perfectly acceptable in lieu of AP scores when applying to the UK - and yes, that would be to then start again from the first year. The Edinburgh website has advice for US applicants for Vet Sci which indicates two years following a pre-vet program including Chemistry, Biology and either Math or Physics classes would be acceptable: United States of America | The University of Edinburgh

He’ll also need to get some experience working with animals.

Incidentally, he doesn’t actually have to have the AP scores in hand before applying - if he can do them next year, he could apply with that on his application and any offer would then be conditional on getting the required scores.

Good luck!


Thank you very much!