prep school with best baseball program

<p>My son is passionate about baseball. He is also very academic -- straight As in an independent school and strong SSAT scores. He is thinking of applying to Exeter, Andover, Deerfield, St. Paul's, Hotchkiss, Groton and Lawrenceville. Can anyone tell me which schools would be able to support and foster his baseball ability the best? He hopes to also play in college.</p>

<p>I know several Andover grads who went on to play Ivy ball. Does he want to play in college, or play in the CWS?</p>

<p>Along the lines of what PelicanDad said, I would also look into Choate as I have known many grads who have had success with baseball in the Ivy’s and other top schools.</p>

<p>check out Avon Old Farms.</p>

<p>My son graduated from Hotchkiss last spring. THS is a tremendous school; however, its baseball program is not. It has been pretty average the past several years. The Hotchkiss team was a shade under .500 for the three years my son played varsity there. Over those three years, the two schools fielding the best teams that THS faced were, by far and away, Salisbury and Avon Old Farms.</p>

<p>Apparently Andover won the “Central New England Prep School” championship last season. The coach has a pretty extraordinary background, also. There’s a lot of material on their website.</p>