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In my continued “public service” efforts to the CC Prep School community, I thought this was an interesting article - provides a topic for debate among students. PEA’s online news - front page story - should club chairs & student leaders receive financial compensation?

What is a 9 letter word for impressive? Check out this article about the L’Ville senior girl who has become the youngest person ever to have a crossword puzzle published in the NY TImes.


That was a fun crossword - we did it when it was published.

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NMH in the news this week…nice article :+1:


Boarding School Boom? Read the story here!


New boarding school:
New England Innovation Academy, Marlborough, MA


seems nice!

Recent article…Harvard-Westlake and Dalton are mentioned.


Another smart PEA student in the news…innovation and data for a better match.

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New “Head of Cool” for Holderness!

Unfortunately I saw this headline today

Blair Academy Wrestling

someone very close to me went to Blair. It’s upsetting to see this.

Wow. I’m shocked that BS hazing is still going on in this day and age. We had our fair share of it back in my BS days (among boys only), but it was something the school was working on eradicating.

@cityran you might find this one interesting:


Also in the news… The Hockaday School in Dallas will be ending their boarding program.

The irony of this study - which ran only through November - is that LV switched to all-remote for this past winter.


This is sad. I wonder if they considered converting to coed. Probably did.

DD didn’t want to go to an all girls school. There may be quite some girls with similar thoughts.

Oh, it definitely is still going on. Just mostly not to the extent that it was when we were kids, or the Blair example. More upperclassmen being ■■■■■■ and scaring lowers.

(also, lest anyone think I am referring to Groton, I am not. I am referring to stories told to me by my son’s BS friends)

That’s unfortunate. One would hope all these kids feel safe within their dorms/teams.

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I think the boarding program is very small and largely international and 5 day local boarders. The school has a fabulous reputation.