Prep Schools In The News & Media

Another pricey NYC metro day school in administrative transition . Hope it works out for the students and parents.

Who didn’t see that coming?

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One more Dwight - Englewood School news piece. Wonder if there will be more expedited Head of School transitions ? The list ( particularly NYC metro day schools ) seems to be lengthening .

More inspiring news from the Milton student!


Avon calling……(I guess you had to be alive in the ‘60’s to get it)

Sad news from Fairfield Prep….

Devastating …

Does this count as a job on college applications?

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Update…teen from St Joseph’s high in Milford is arrested for the stabbing death of Fairfield Prep boy. Sad.

New book on JFK

What is a “Real-to-Life Novel”? Sounds like jumbo shrimp.

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Based on the New Haven Register review, the author “added” a campus character (a security guard I think) otherwise supposedly it’s based on extensive research

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Interesting choice. So if it does well, it will show up on the “fiction” side of the NYT best seller lists?