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They specifically cite this as update of The Official Preppy Handbook (1980), which was heavily boarding school centric.

Like a cocktail waitress - at the knees.

Interesting article….hoping the link works!


My guess is that lesson was more about “not all girls like pink/ not all boys like blue” than if you like a different color you identify as another gender. That people don’t have to conform to rigid gender codes.

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Don’t know much about the few California - based boarding schools, but it appears the Thacher School has lots to sort out. Hope things work out .

Some beatdown the Brunswick lax team put on Deerfield this weekend. Early in the season but still…

Please post news story or article about this story for this thread. Thanks.

More news about past sex abuse at a prep school….

Story about Ukrainian students here in USA…a student at Emma Willard is featured in the article.

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Not BS related, but I thought it was interesting that Macalester is holding a special presentation and meeting for students whose home countries are currently in turmoil to provide support

Some positive and inspiring news…


We can stretch it to be BS related… Macalester Pres. Sue Rivera went to BS as the daughter of a dorm parent.

She is supposed to be AMAZING. Our BS senior is currently weighing Macalester, Wellesley, Haverford, Oberlin, Emory, and UC Berkeley as options for next year.

(I feel like singing that Sesame Street song “One of these these things is not like the other” every time I see this list.)


Haha! My first reaction was “that is an interesting list!” All great schools but so different! Has she visited them all?

The first few are small liberal arts schools within an hour from a major airport, in case you were looking for the common thread!

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The airport thing escaped me.

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What a great list! Where is she leaning ?

She’s leaning toward Cal right now, after months of saying she wants a SLAC!

The (now former) IMG Academy director who was embroiled in the Varsity Blues scandal has been sentenced to prison. The guy worked in a highly visible position at IMG, but found time and got $ for taking tests for students.