Preparing to leave

<p>So all the internationals who are leaving their home to study abroad, have you guys started packing, shopping, buying air tickets and all that jazz.</p>

<p>ya, working on it.
any suggestions, anyone?</p>

<p> is a continous started shoppin but not finished it :) Packing :eek: !!! dont you think its too early??
anyways ... a suggestion if you dont find some things here dont worry...apparently in usa they have a huge sale in november for can get a lot cheap stuff at that time..hope this helps</p>

<p>also put when are you leaving? I am leaving on Aug starts on 22nd.</p>

<p>packing can wait until mid august;
like adides, i have started the shopping process, but i guess that i will continue to devastate the local shops, until august;
my flight is reserved; i finally set myself on BA, after rescheduling my flight four times; school starts on the 1st of sep, so i am leaving on the 21st of, that's in 6 weeks...</p>

<p>i would like to hear how do you feel ,guys, as the day of departure comes closer and closer???
I, personally, have very mixed feelings - there are days when I am overflowing with enthusiasm, and there are others when I feel very sad and depressed because of everything that I will leave behind.</p>

I have just begun shopping and am taking it slow...Though i dont like shopping too much but am trying to enjoy each and evry bit of it.
My college starts on Sept 2nd so i guess packing can wait for sometime....
Ticket reservation was a big problem here in Dubai ......almost all the flights were full and only business class tickets were available ........but thankfully i got 2 economy's in BA for 27th nite...its the only international flight that goes to BWI i guess the rest of them go via Dulles.</p>

<p>right now i am excited and nervous about leaving home......</p>

<p>Boomer01 what school are you going to?</p>

<p>Hello again.
I am leaving on the 15th of august. classes begin on the 29th but we have a host family program and international orientation before that.
shopping pretty much sucks but m still trying to enjoy it. began shopping today n ll continue pretty much till the departure date. any interesting shopping material u all wud like to recommend?
think i ll pretty much buy all i can here itself coz its a lot cheaper thatn when u get to the US, i hear.
what abt u ppl? ll b taking most of the things from home or ll u b buying there itself?</p>

<p>I'm leaving between the 11th-15th September :D I love the quarter system. I think I'll buy most of my things from here, save the bedsheets and computer and bike.</p>


<p>I hate hate hate shopping :(</p>

<p>finally have my tickets booked!!!
college's starting on i'll be leaving on 27th in BA.
and right now have many mixed feelings...excited, scared, sad, happy!
hope everything works out :)</p>

<p>I also got my tickets booked....flying non-stop from singapore to New York
I am not buying a lot of things here except some necessites like lots of socks, underwear and a warm jacket
Also international students will need a health checkup and immunizations if necessary. Also you will have to buy a health insurance if there is not one available through the university. So I gotta take care of those.</p>

<p>I'm leaving 29th July, soccer pre-season starts 1st August. I think International orientation is around mid August, and classes start in september.</p>

<p>I have most things done because I'm only have another 3 weeks to go. All thats's left is my visa, I have an interview for it on the 15th July.</p>

<p>I go through phases of being excitied but then also thinking about everything I will be leaving behind.</p>

<p>How many times will everyone be returning throughout the year?</p>


<p>I will return next summer...<em>sad</em></p>

<p>I won't be able to return for winter break because it's toooo expensive...</p>

<p>I leave 17th Aug BA.. having trouble with my exeeds the 62in. limit :(</p>

<p>I can't believe I leave in a week!</p>

<p>I have everything sorted, just got flight insurance yesterday which was all that i needed to do.</p>

<p>And my visa got delivered yesterday, so i'm all set!</p>

<p>Any health insurance taken outside the US isnt valid inside the country..apparently there is some prob with clearing the payment cuz of currency or something. So there isnt actually any point in taking a health insu before leaving..</p>

I leave 17th Aug BA.. having trouble with my exeeds the 62in. limit :(


I'm having the same problem :(</p>

<p>What are you doing about it ?</p>

<p>Actually electric guitars one can still dismantle...acoustics are so delicate</p>