Pres-screen results, anyone?

@claire74, Pleeeease do not get discouraged. First of all, Ithaca is known for mixing them up quite a bit, but - this is just one school! In this rumble-tumble roller coaster process, especially this early on, she still has just as good a chance of getting into MT at the best school in the country. The road you and she are on is not for the faint-of-heart. Breathe.

Its just one school… there is a place for everyone… you just have to find it.

You are not alone @claire74. Have you seen this thread?

As far as positive thoughts remind her:

  1. There are many people who don't pass Ithaca's prescreen at all. And they are known to be one of the best Acting programs in the country. Being asked to audition in person for them in Acting is a great achievement.
  2. There are several examples on CC of people who started as Acting majors at Ithaca and transferred to the MT program. If Ithaca is really where you want to be, and the door is open in the Acting program, by all means enter through that door and then take in all Ithaca can offer you while there.
  3. There are also stories on CC of people who weren't asked to audition at Ithaca that were accepted at other top tier schools. And just because you don't pass one school's prescreen does not mean other schools will not ask you to audition. The prescreen process is not perfect.
  4. Ithaca may need certain types in their Acting program and your D fits the bill.
  5. Life may be re-directing you to a school that is an even better fit for your D than Ithaca is.

Focus on the things you can control. Practice, practice, practice and be good and ready for your live auditions.

As an actor you will get a lot more no’s than you will yesses in your profession. Rejection is something all actors must learn to deal with. There are very few students applying to MT programs that won’t get any rejections throughout the prescreen and audition process. So, although I know it is hard, try to stay focused on the prize. Work hard and stay positive throughout.

For everyone receiving prescreen rejections/redirections and everyone who will experience audition rejections anytime during this process (which will most likely be every singe person, unless by some miracle, lol), this is from a post I wrote last year at this time or a little after this time:

“My D and I had been told (by a coach of hers that is closely connected to a program often talked about here–many would even know this person’s name) before auditions and prescreens started to not look towards this process as an affirmation of talent, that many things unrelated to talent come into play in the audition room (including prescreens): too many in the program of your D’s type or look, your D looks too young or too anything (for example, my D was rejected at one in the prescreen process because she looks young and they want an older look), your D reminds an adjucator of someone with whom they’ve had difficulty, an adjucator is bored or hungry or grumpy at that time–anything. Plus, my D’s coaches say that people going into this should also not to look towards these others for affirmation; the auditioner should need to do this because she absolutely loves it and can’t imagine doing anything else. Therefore, she will find any path towards it. Those words probably won’t help your D right now, but, after a bit of time, I hope that she clings to them and goes for her dream!”

Plus, think about sheer numbers: At Shenandoah’s auditions last year, they said that, out of about 800 prescreen videos in addition to regional screening auditions early fall and the previous spring, only 150 were invited to audition. That’s just one example. A school that gets fewer prescreen videos, IWU, received a little over 150 prescreen videos, plus saw about 150-200 more who expressed interest at earlier regional auditions, and about 50 were invited to audition. (I don’t remember what the other schools said. I don’t even remember if Syracuse, a school specifically mentioned by someone a few days ago, had prescreens last year even though my D auditioned there. I guess that shows how soon this process starts to fade, lol!) Small odds either way… That may not be a comfort, but it’s the reality. It absolutely does not mean your student will not get in to any programs. They are looking for different things.

I wanted to tag the person who shared that her D or S has been rejected at all prescreen schools as well as @claire74 , but I can’t find that post. Don’t give up hope at all! I bet 99% of the people here can relate to your feelings of disappointment and worry.

Claire, Ithaca’s redirection is not a bad thing! Your student has the opportunity to truly examine what he wants, and there are many, many people who were rejected instead of redirected. It’s still a fantastic opportunity–if it is what she decides might be a good fit for her!

@claire74 … My daughter only passed one pre-screen during last year’s audition season. One.

She didn’t even pass the one where her beautiful face is front and center on a promo piece from the theatre department that is mailed to high schools around the country. I wish I was kidding … but what can you do but laugh sometimes.

Anyway … don’t let her let this process get her down. It’s a roller coaster for sure … and it’s a long coaster … but every kid eventually ends up where they are meant to be.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words of reassurance. The right side of my brain knows all this is true, but the left side gets flaky once in a while and goes direct to panic mode…

I think all of us alternate between “my kid rocks! She’s getting in everywhere!” and “OMG, she’s going to be living in my basement the rest of her life.” I firmly believe they end up where they are destined to go. It may not be what’s been dreamed of for years, but it will be what fits and what’s right.

Just FYI, the basement fear persists even after they’ve gotten into a program and enrolled and had a few successes and so on…

If you didn’t get flaky once in a while throughout this process, @claire74 , I’d think you were made of the hard steel, lol! I had moments when I almost went over the edge into MT audition madness, but was reigned in by D’s coaches, D’s attitude (which was unbelievable), and the wonderful people here on CC! Of course, I kept those times hidden from D so that I didn’t add to her stress.

One of the absolute best parts of CC is that is a place to take all the stress and vent with people who understand what is happening in your world. Over the summer D commented on her audition process and I said something fact that I came within a heartbeat of insanity- and she said “I never knew- you were always so calm and upbeat”.

Yes, @toowonderful , I also tried to appear upbeat and calm even if I felt on the edge of the insanity cliff a couple times. It helped to keep in mind daily that this is truly an exciting adventure, a great bonding time with my D, and just plain fun, even amidst the craziness!

@Claire74, let me tell you a true story from last year. My D’s friend did not pass one prescreen. He still had multiple acceptances and ended up with a FULL RIDE, yes, FULL RIDE to NYU Tisch New Studio. He had stellar academics, but clearly the talent was there. Stay positive. And if you are second guessing his material, consider a college coach. I think several here on CC have already given this guidance. It is SO worth it.

D heard yes from Texas today. Heard yes from Wright State. No word on Indiana.

D just called Indiana if anyone is interested. They said they were working with the people who wanted the Nov auditions and everyone else should be hearing by mid through late November.

Two responses, both callbacks so far, from Pace and Penn State.

@mtmcmt - glad I saw your post! Wright State was a late add to my D’s list…and we somehow missed the fact that they have an optional pre-screen! Another great ‘Duh’ moment…CC helps in so many ways!! Thanks & congrats on prescreens passed!

PS passes from Wright State and Texas Christian yesterday.D loves the curriculums for both and is very excited!

Thanks, @deelight

Received emails yesterday, D passed Texas State and Baylor pre-screens.

S passed Texas State, Pace and Penn State prescreens, still waiting on Michigan and Ithaca! Anyone hearing from Michigan or Ithaca?