Pres-screen results, anyone?

Hi, I am wondering if most of you had to apply to all the schools you sent prescreens to…or can you send the prescreen first?

We applied first. D only had four pre-screens and if I remember correctly, they all required that she apply first.

We applied and did prescreens simultaneously, figuring it was better to get everything out of the way all at once

D passed Ithaca

Syracuse specifically states not to apply to the university until you hear back from the prescreen – a welcome savings of an application fee until you know you have an audition.

Still nothing from Ithaca. The nervewracking component of this is just beginning. @LifeIsAMusical I believe in previous years Michigan sent all emails on the day they stipulate as “if you submit by, you will hear from us no later than” - which for those who submitted before Oct. 15 is Nov. 15, which is Sunday, so I’m wondering whether it will be Sunday…or maybe late Friday? I am actually hoping it’s Sunday, as my daughter has her first audition on Saturday and if the news isn’t good, I don’t want it to affect her attitude, going in. All beyond our control though.

First rejection yesterday – son did not pass prescreen at Ithaca.

When did everyone start hearing back? I sent my prescreens in a week and a half ago, but I’m already getting antsy

it is so hard to tell when they will come back- took couple of weeks at least for my daughter’s to come back. Still waiting on one…

So sorry to hear that, boatmom, I’ve heard elsewhere on this forum that Ithaca is one of the hardest prescreens to pass - good luck to your son with his others! Abbaroo98, we sent prescreen to Ithaca on Oct. 5 and to Michigan on 9/29 and still haven’t heard back…

D got a yes for Ithaca this morning.

S got a yes from Ithaca last Friday.

S has not yet heard from Ithaca but got a yes from Michigan today

Prescreen acceptances today for d from Ithaca and Michigan.

I heard the early submission results for Michigan Prescreens went out today; hope there is good news out there! We submitted later than that…the waiting begins…

D passed pre screens for Pace, Ithaca, and Otterbein. Heard within 3 days of submission. Was surprised response was so quick. Will submit pre screens to a few more schools this weekend. Has also applied to 10 schools that don’t pre screen. Starting to feel like she’s running out of time! I’m panicked D 's surprisingly calm about the whole thing

S passed prescreens for Florida State, Ithaca, Pace, Penn State, Shenandoah, Syracuse and Texas State. Last prescreen result was a rejection from U Michigan today.

Congrats to all those passing pre screens! Not a small feat to be sure! Yay!

D got a no from U of Michigan today via email.

Just checking in again, are there others out there who have not yet heard from Ithaca? S submitted October 5 and still hasn’t heard…hoping there’s still a large group who haven’t heard yet, since there were several on this forum who have heard from Ithaca…just concerned about scheduling! Thanks!