Pres-screen results, anyone?

Since we are now well into October, I was wondering if anyone was receiving pre-screen results yet. If so, is it via phone, email, web status update?

They were usually via email if acceptd was used and in general. If you think you should have heard something by know and haven’t, check the spam folder.

CCU- Coastal Carolina - received an email to schedule the audition! It was very exciting!

Nebraska Wesleyan–received email inviting D to audition. Scheduled for end of October!! :slight_smile:

Daughter heard from Pace that she was approved.

A yes via email from Syracuse about a week ago

Congrats to your offspring!

Invitation to audition from Coastal Carolina & Penn State so far for my D…

D got an invite to audition at Coastal Carolina and Penn State. Haven’t heard anything from Texas nor Ithaca. Do those two only give a yes and ignore the no’s? Or will you hear a definite no from them?

@mtmcmt I would also love to know that answer about Texas State and Ithaca.

Texas State sent no thank yous last year.

Both Ithaca and Texas State will send you a “yes” or a “no” eventually, and so will all other schools (although omissions occasionally occur, everyone makes mistakes). I am not an expert, but in following the process at d’s HS for four years I never heard of a school that failed to send some sort of a response. Some schools take their sweet time to send out results and there is frequently no rhyme or reason to when you will hear back: you may hear about some results going out from a particular school very quickly while you may wait two-three months to hear back from the same school. As I recall last year, Ithaca did not send d’s prescreen result until early December (uploaded in October).

An explanation that we received from one school was that prescreen evaluations were done by several faculty members and some did their reviews very quickly, while others took a while.

@EmsDad … Actually, we’re still waiting to hear from Baldwin Wallace from last year. =)) And I think that was one of the schools that charged an extra $ for the prescreen too.

Something tells me that it’s a no …

I keep meaning to clarify that on my Syracuse post (#5) I should have worded it with “got an invitation to audition” not “got a yes” (now wouldn’t that be nice?..just skip from pre-screen approval to accentance, minus the audition itself!). Haven’t heard from Ithaca yet, and also remember reading last year that they didn’t send out replies until early December.

My daughter just got an email invitation (via Acceptd) to audition for Ithaca! She uploaded hers about a week ago.

Achievement unlocked: passed first prescreen!

Congrats! Sent to Ithaca in early Sept and still no word…I’ve heards some “no’s” have gone, so I imagine they must have some kind of “maybe/maybe not” status. Keep on waiting…

Has anyone heard from Indiana? Sending in our PS this week and debating whether to “apply” to university – not required except scholarship deadline is November 1.

If I remember right, three years ago, S did not receive word on his IU prescreen until close to winter break. If scholarship is necessary for your situation, you may want to go ahead and apply. If you are in-state, hooray for you. The OOS tuition mark-up is incredible.

My child heard this morning from Penn State.

Ri-direct to Acting BFA from Ithaca, via Acceptd. Usually zen kid is feeling discouraged (“If I can’t even pass a pre-screen where 100 or more others pass, what chance do I have in an audition?”) Positive thoughts, anyone?