My daughter is submitting her prescient material and is due now for the Fall Audition deadline. She realizes that she is missing a couple of requirements in the dance video but already has it recorded and wants to submit her prescreen materials to hopefully secure an earlier audition date. How strict are they - and if missing a couple of elements will prevent her from passing the prescreen process perhaps waiting is better? Need advice.

If she hasn’t sent it in already, I would take the time to redo it. Failure to include all the required elements can be taken by any university as inability to follow directions or that she doesn’t care enough to carefully read the directions. It is a very competitive program. Current sophomore student Audri Bartholomew passed the blind auditions for The Voice this year and sang with Jennifer Hudson. My daughter and I are both alumni and are happy to answer any questions.

She realized how important it was on her own, and re-shot it. She will not make the Fall Audition deadline but was better to feel good about it than try to make a deadline. I’m glad she came to that conclusion on her own because anything I say right now is the wrong thing :frowning: What a very stressful time!