President's Scholarship 2020


I figured I should make a discussion, since we all keep talking about it in the EA section! Someone said in that thread that they called the school, and finalists weren’t notified yesterday. I can’t wait to find out!

I just called the admissions office and they were shocked that people were thinking they send the invites around Valentine’s Day. They said it would be late February.

ahhh I’m so nervous!

Do you know if it’s the same for Hunt?

I did not ask about Hunt, so I would maybe try calling them about it? I imagine it would be around the same time though.

Emails went out! I’m a finalist !

So looks like both Hunt and Presidential invites went out. Anyone get invited to interview for both?

Presidential invites out as well ?

Denial email from Hunt.
Nothing yet (good or bad) on presidential here…

Yes they went out. I think you only receive an email if you get it bc everyone is considered. @imadetheputt

are the emails still coming out do you think?

Maybe? I kind of assumed they sent it out at once, but I’m not sure! My email came 18:10 EST @cconfidential94

Did you receive Hunt or Presidential ? My daughter heard about Hunt today?

@chitin presidential. Was hunt a separate app?

Yes, Hunt was a separate app. Do you go to campus for the interview? My D goes the 27th of March.

@chitin I didn’t apply for Hunt, then! Our interview is the 27th as well.

I haven’t received anything. I’m just gonna assume that’s a no then…

@kitkatandcat did you apply EA or RD? If you applied RD, I’m sure you still have great things coming!

@h8annah I applied EA. I got Provost scholarship and the discovery scholarship for the Dedman College. However I did not get into Dedman honors so I’m not too surprised about not getting presidential invite. Always just hopeful of course - it’s so expensive! Anyway, congrats to you!!

@kitkatandcat Provost and Discovery are still really good! I’m sure you still have great things coming, especially if you got these! I wasn’t Honors, but I got Hilltop so I’m sure you were up there somewhere

@h8annah thanks! I’m still excited for sure. :slight_smile: Good luck on your interview!