Prime Day

Please share tips on how to take advantage of prime day. I just got prime and am not sure how I will know what the best deals are.

Hi OP,
I think people are always a little suspicious when your first post is something not college related…so it may take a while for people to post on here.

Here’s a guide that is actually pretty helpful:

I started making a list of items I’m interested in looking for and will search for those items tomorrow - like a coffee maker, wireless headphones, etc. I also put a couple things in my shopping cart/wish list of SPECIFIC items so that I can click on them easily and see if the price is better tomorrow - for instance, there is a certain brand of wireless headphones I am interested in - so put them in my cart.

I think they also do “lightening deals” on Prime Day? An item that is on sale for a limited # of time - like 30 minutes, 1 hour or whatever - there is a countdown clock for each of these items. Or they will show what % of the supply is left.

If you have the Whole Foods app on your phone, log into that using your Amazon account, get over there by the 17th, spend $10 at Whole Foods and check out with the Whole Foods app, and you can get $10 credit to use on Amazon during prime day also through the 17th.

I also have a short wish list on Amazon that I’ll check tomorrow. There should be some really good deals on Amazon branded products, especially the various Echo and Kindle devices. I had some fun with lightning deals during last year’s holiday season but really there’s nothing much I actually need so will probably not buy much.

There is usually a promo code discount on books sold by Amazon.

They’re offering three months of Kindle Unlimited for $.99 total if you’re not already a subscriber. If you don’t cancel after the three months, the monthly charge will be $9.99. Looks like that offer Is good through the end of July. There’s a comparable offer for Amazon Music new subscribers-4 months for $.99 - but that offer is only good through the 17th.

Oh - just saw Amazon is offering a free six month Prime Student trial to students courtesy of Sprint.

I think the free 6 months Prime Student trial membership is standard, not to do with Prime Day.

Would be great if people post any further Prime Day deals on this thread!!!

Does anyone think it odd that every local and national TV news show gives free infomercials to Amazon Prime Day? They have been reporting this as “news” for weeks now.

Oops. sorry. I just posted on another thread.

I just got a “Dot” (aka Alexa) for $29.00, down from $49.

I also got a 6 plug surge protector-- not a Prime Day special, but a decent price and something I’ve wanted to pick up.

My sonic care toothbrush stopped working this morning. I’m waiting to see if there will be a better special later.

I’m also looking for a deal on a tile key finder.

So does the “official” Prime Day not start till 3pm EST? That’s what the main page says! So that would mean it’s “officially” 1/2 day today and all day tomorrow?

Deb if you see a “tile” PLEASE post a link!

I have a Firestick in my cart for our tv at our cottage - 50% off, $19.99. You can pair it with a Echo Dot for also a good deal but I don’t really think we need the Dot.

Are there ever deals on Le Crueset? I have some gifts to buy and am looking for that at more reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, I will be busy most of the day. The Amazon page said deals start at 3PM? Is that true? Seems late.

I had read before something about “a day and a half of deals!” - but didn’t put it together until I saw the start time of 3pm today - officially.

AH! Thanks, @abasket. I’ll actually have more time to look tomorrow. :slight_smile:

My email this morning is full of everyone else having sales as well so win/win.

Yeah, it’s already started for Prime members.

I had forgotten all about it. I’m glad I remembered; I’ve been wanting to pick up that Dot for my daughter’s dorm room.

I’m a Prime member and it says it starts at 3PM. What am I missing, @bjkmom?

Not that you asked my opinion :), but you might want to make sure your daughter’s roommate is okay with a Dot in the room. My kids wouldn’t be.

I have no idea; I just went to amazon and saw the reduced price. I wasn’t online specifically to shop; we leave for Disney World in a few days and I’m not looking to spend lots of money right now. But I did want to pick up a Dot at some point and gave it a shot.

They do list some “early access amazon device deals”-- I guess that’s what I got, lol.

And if her roommate isn’t OK with it, she can bring it home and put it in her bedroom. Her 15 year old sister would be thrilled.

But at 40% off, it was well worth the gamble.

I bought the pair of Echo Dots for the Prime Day special of $50 (one black, one white) which is 50% off and threw in a smart (wifi) plug for $10 (down from $25).

You tell Alexa to turn on or off the device that is plugged into the smart plug or do it remotely from a phone app. I was thinking of using the smart plug for my coffee maker (turn on from bed or turn off from work if I think I forgot to) or for a lamp (turn on/off when on vacation).

I plug the same thing every year but camelcamelcamel will show you the prices for the last several months of an amazon item.

MANY things get marked up a few weeks before so that they can look like great deals. I caught a bunch last year that were no different from their regular price.