Princeton Admissions Fall 2022

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

S22 just got an email invite for “Princeton Online Interview Day”… email came this morning, written by the co-chair of the Princeton Alumni Schools Committee in our area in VA. Had to go through sign-up genius for a slot on 1/23 (so just a 2 day turnaround). She writes that “Interviews are optional, but I strongly recommend that you choose to do one”…

Anyone else get this? Seemed odd that it had such a quick turnaround time and it had to do be done via signupgenius. Seems legit. BTW - it was in SPAM folder so almost missed it – so pls be on look out.

D22 in New Hampshire. Her Prinston alumni in our area also sent her an email, which ended up in the spam folder. He than had to call my dtr GC at school to see why she is not answering his emai. He is not using sign up genius , but i think it legit. They did emial nback and forth to sent up the time/date.
Good luck to your S 22.

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thx @norik95 … best of luck to your D22!

We are in Tx and got a similar email with a sign up genius except there was no slot allocated to us. Applicant had to indicate whether they were interested in the interview at all. The mail did mention that it might take weeks before an interviewer was assigned. We have been waiting for the 3 weeks now!

Yes. We are scheduled for interview now.


D22 received an email for an interview


D 22 Interview is scheduled next week

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Anyone from California with an interview?

New Hampshire here

when will the regular decision be released?

Ivy day, so late March or early April (likely Mar 29, 31 or April 5, 7)

Yale’s portal says:

Regular Decision: March 31, 2022 at 7:00pm (Eastern)

So I guess that’s Ivy Day this year.

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yessir that’s what Harvard says too

by the way is acing an interview like a sure shot to get in?

No. Other factors from your application carry a lot more weight.

Just wanted to echo DadOfJerseyGirl’s comment that the interview is a relatively minor component of the application process. And given the paltry acceptance rate for appIicants, it’s probably safe to say that most students who “ace” the interview (whatever that means; the interview isn’t a test) aren’t accepted.

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Does anybody have any stats on the number of deferred applicants from early action that gets accepted during RD?

does the Princeton alumni interviewer get access to our file?

No. They just get your name, intended major/area of interest, high school name, location.