Princeton Admissions Fall 2022

Based on this article it seems that about 150 people get accepted RD after being deferred REA.


My daughter just got contacted about one. She is setting it up now.

Check your spam folder.

Unfortunately, nothing there

We are in TX. My daughter completed her interview this week.

Interview completed this week.

Could you please share your daughter’s experience. Thanks!

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Sure. She thinks it went well. It was friendly and lasted 30 minutes. The questions were general. For example, who do you admire?, what are you doing at school, etc.


She thinks that compared to another school’s interview, that lasted 45 minutes, this one was better as she connected with the interviewer much better than the interviewer from the other school.

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Thanks so much. Mine is having hers on Saturday. Good info.

my son felt the same way (comparing it to another 45 min interview). He felt that one was more structured/almost mechanical - although conversation went well. Princeton interview was more free flowing, covering a lot of his interests, sports and ec’s. It was easier rapport and they covered a lot in 35 min…including the interviewer discussing how she enjoyed her times in the a capella group there…


Thanks a lot! Best wishes to your daughter!

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Yep, my daughter had the same impression.

Thanks. I am more anxious than her. The waiting period is killing me. While this is absolutely her top choice, she is much more relaxed and has the attitude that if she does not get in, she will still do great things in the future.

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Has anyone in the greater LA County/Orange County areas of So Cal been contacted for interviews? In past years interview events were set up (in person) at several school locations in southern California to get quite a few interviews all completed at once over a couple of weekends. Any info out there suggesting that may happen this year (virtually)? Thanks in advance

We have been waiting too

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My daughter got an interview - we are in San Diego. Her interview is next week.


Mine had hers yesterday. She said it was by far her best interview. They enjoyed conversing, went for more than an hour.


Thank you. There’s hope! :sweat_smile:

Still haven’t received in interview. People have just started getting interviews at my school, hopefully there’s still time.