Printer Deal FYI

<p>I just purchased a monochrome laser printer, toner and USB cable for my son for about 100.00 shipped from (I had it shipped directly to his school.)</p>

<p>This is actually the same printer that I use at home and I have printed over 2000 pages from one 30 dollar toner cartridge (and there's still more toner).</p>

<p>It's so much more economical than ink jet. </p>

<p>Here's a link:</a> - brother HL Series HL-2140 Personal Up to 23 ppm Monochrome Laser Printer</p>

<p>The same printer is on sale at Office Max for $50 (with free shipping), though I think you'd have to go to Amazon for an equally good deal on the toner and cord.</p>

<p>doh!!!! <em>slaps forehead</em></p>

<p>Yeah, I'm doing the same thing since I just bought one from Best Buy for the same price...but requires store pick up. Think I'm going to cancel and get the one from Office Max delivered. Office Max is also a bad place to get USB cords ($$$) the time you add in the peripherals, there's probably not much difference in price. If something goes wrong, though, it's easier to return to Office Max I suppose.</p>

<p>How long did your starter toner last? Do you remember? Might get the toner and USB from newegg...but some of the reviews I've read say the starter cartridge lasted a year.</p>

<p>The starter toner lasted quite a long time (months?). I don't remember exactly, but much longer than I expected, and print lots of articles, etc. The off brand equivalent on the newegg site are just as good as the brother and cost around 30 dollars.</p>

<p>I bought my printer as a package with my laptop and since Exeter paid for part of it, it was a really good deal. The whole 14 inch laptop w/ 3 year warranty and printer and toner costs about $600. Dell would not let us ship directly to school, so we have to ship it ourselves. I just hope the toner lasts as long as the printer listed above.</p>

<p>Just have to say, a Brother HL-2140 is sitting on my desk and I hate it. It jams all the time and feels flimsy. One of the worst purchases my husband ever made.</p>

<p>I'm surprised to hear that. I haven't had any jams with mine in the past year. Of course, all I ever do is print paper, no envelopes or anything. I also use "better" paper, (not the absolute cheapest kind, but middle grade). I wonder if that makes a difference. I agree that it does feel a bit "flimsy", but I only touch it when sliding out the paper tray, so it doesn't bother me. I hope you just got a "bad one" and my son's turns out to be a trouble free as mine has been.</p>

<p>greenblue: I saw jamming listed as the main con of the printer. Do you use laserjet paper? Wondering if that might make a difference.</p>

<p>For $80 at NewEgg about 3 weeks ago, we bought the Brother HL-2170W, which is a wireless "big brother" to the 2140. No problems at all with it, and I believe the paper transport mechanism is the same between these two printers. We do always buy 24# paper for our printers and that may make a difference. The 20# paper might cause the printer to jam more.</p>