Printing facilities in Ellicott?

<p>Are there printers available for students to use while in the dorms at Ellicott? Or, do they need to go to the academic spline to get printouts?</p>

<p>Trying to decide if we should get S a personal printer to have in his Ellicott dorm, or whether printers are located in common areas in that complex.</p>


<p>There is the Blake Center in Fillmore which has a printer, however it is only open until midnight.</p>

<p>I have my own and would definitely suggest getting a printer for him. I print lecture notes in the library as we get ~650 free pages of printing per semester but any papers I usually print myself since getting to the printers on time doesn't usually fit into my schedule..</p>

<p>Really, no 24/7 printing in Ellicott? Governors has a 24/7 computer lab with printing.</p>

<p>But yeah, definitely get a cheap printer. It's a huge pain to walk a large distance to print a page or two. Worth it for large print jobs, but often you'll want to print just a page or two, and then it's extremely convenient.</p>

<p>Printers are cheap nowadays too.</p>