Private High Schools in New Jersey

Many thanks sunnyschool for taking the time to do extra legwork with respect to the NMSQT Semifinalists at several indeoendent schools. I do not dispute at all that different families have differing priorities. MBS is frequently lauded as having nice facilities and being friendly, supportive, and nurturing. The right fit is key, but one would hope that access to ivy is available for kids at that kind of sticker price. Perhaps it is available, but less obvious.

Oldfort the actual number was 16 from Delbarton last year down from 27 in 2014. This year looks like it will be around 22-23. I would also keep in mind that at all schools some kids get into ivies and choose alternatives. I think you run the risk of once again generalizing by using such narrow data sets.

With that said your missing the point by trying to define one school as better than another or “the benchmark”. No school in NJ can match the combination of national level athletics and great academics Delbarton has. That doesn’t make it better just different. If an extra 5 kids a year gets in to Ivy schools from Pingry for some that might be better. If an average student is compelled to achieve greatness by going to Mo Beard then that may be “the benchmark”.

For each individual there is a unique best fit. Relax and get comfortable in your own shoes without having to make fun of someone else’s.

“No school in NJ can match the combination of national level athletics and great academics Delbarton has.”

Ironic that you would make this statement while simultaneously trying to assert that someone can’t define one school as better than another.*

*Disclaimer: I have daughters, so zero affiliation with any school mentioned in this thread. I just live in NJ, have sent both kids to private schools, and have opinions.

State Championships, head to head games and National Rankings are what they are. If you don’t believe these to be accurate measures I will stand down (although that is why they keep score).

If you can name a school that has as much athletic success as Delbarton across as many sports with so few students I will gladly stand corrected. couldn’t when they named Delbarton as the top athletic school in the state.
For the record they are currently the lacrosse, soccer, baseball and hockey state champions (with several sports having state wide tournament of champions).

I also said this mix of athletics and academics might not be the best option for all students. That other mixes, environments might yield better results based on the individual student. Context matters and my point was each school is unique and has its strengths that may lend themselves to the individual needs of an individual student.

Right…LOL…Delbarton is great for athletics and is a BOYS school. I believe most kids going to Ivies or Duke from Delbarton play sports. Duke is known for taking Duke LAX players, for example. Let me check…
Yep, 3 on Dukes LAX roster are from Delbarton:

It’s also rumored that Delbarton has increased class size over the past few years and relaxed criteria a bit. Nothing wrong with that, just saying it is known.

They are all good schools. But there are clear differences in their focuses, evident on their websites and in their school profiles.

Sunnyschool Not sure why the passive aggression? I have not said a single negative word about another school yet you seem compelled to attack both Delbarton and in this last post by inference my son.

Your presumption that “most kids going to Ivies or Duke from Delbarton” are admitted based on athletics is incorrect. Of the 22-23 this year I know of 5 that are recruited athletes. Not to identify my own son in response to your comment but he is an athlete but not recruited to play college athletics. He got in based on the entirety of who he is. Again other schools may be “better” but please don’t diminish the achievements of Delbarton kids, it’s beneath you.

These 50 private high schools are the best for athletes in New Jersey, report says
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My kids didn’t play sports, but they had one major EC they were close being professions. They did the EC outside of school. I also know many students from my kid’s school who were admitted to Ivies and top 20 schools were athletic recruits and most of them did their sports outside of school (club level?). Therefore I am not sure if I would necessary choose a school because of sports.

Oldfort- couldn’t agree with you more. Exactly the point I was making. Different kids will thrive or benefit from different environments.

Sunnyschool- thanks for proving my point. The ranking you showed is a survey that has Delbarton number two with MB at one. I am sure you took note of the fact that the greatest determinant was parent and student input. Stated differently the kids and parents at Delbarton still love their athletic program while being the most successful based upon championships. If you dig a little deeper that ranking is in there as well. Not even the most fervent MB supporter would suggest they compete with Delbarton.

Here it is. That was last year but this year won both State hockey and soccer championships and ranked number one at lacrosse.

Wait, so now Delbarton isn’t the best? I’m confused.

SevenDad- one last try. Never said Delbarton was “the best” school. If you read the entire thread you will see my comments were in response to the assertion that Pingry was “the best” and “the benchmark” for all NJ private schools. I have repeatedly said that all the schools have their niche which will serve individual kids.

I have defined Delbarton’s niche as a strong academic school that has the preeminent sports program in the state. This opinion is evidenced by both surveys above and the numerous championships mentioned. If you have a HS that you think is better athletically name it please.

This shouldn’t be so controversial.

I’m only marginally interested in this topic, but seeing NJ in the title caught my eye. I admit to not having even read the thread from start to finish.

However, I do find it amusing that you contend that you are not trying to say Delbarton is “the best” despite having also written this: “No school in NJ can match the combination of national level athletics and great academics Delbarton has.”

If no school can match it, then how is that different than saying it’s the best?

IMO, in reading your posts here, you come off as overly defensive of Delbarton. We’re all cheerleaders for the schools we love, but…

When I get some time, I promise to read the thread from start to finish.

Thanks for your admittedly uninformed comments.

I do my best.

Careful with the term “best” it triggers some folks.

Yes, so I’ve read.

Right…,Delbarton is strong in sports, no one is saying they aren’t. Regarding college admissions, I am not just talking about recruited athletes…I am including all who leave HS and play sports in college, and who are “admitted based on their entirety” – such as D3 athletes and Ivy admits based on the big picture of sports/academics.

Per the data, Pingry’s academics look to be stronger based on National Merit Semifinalists, college matriculation, AP exam scores (which DB doesn’t publish like all other schools do, hmm…), etc. The college profile form is very skimpy compared to the other schools.

Does Delbarton recruit for sports / admit based on ability to contribute in sports? And things ebb and flow…pretty sure your baseball team is dropping in rankings with each game this year after getting beat by several public schools that were unranked.

For an athletic boy, especially one who might coast on his bmoc laurels at his lps, Del Barton could be an inspired choice as the value in being a scholar athlete will be reinforced by the school and the other students.

I am not a fan of picking schools by college matriculation lists and scores. There is just too much that could influence both that may not be part of your story. If you have a kid that has a shot at a top college, none of these schools will change that. But they might change how he feels about learning and more important, himself. High school is a time of enormous growth, not an extended admissions test for college. Try to help your kid find the place where he can be his best self.

When I chose schools for my kids (yes, college too), I focused on what’s important about a school, and for me it was education. My kids could do their ECs outside of school and all other fluffs outside of school. Kids give up their sports and ECs for whatever reason, but the mission of school is academic excellence. If I am paying 40k a year for school then I would want the best education possible. I didn’t need the school to make my kids to feel warm and fuzzy (I could do that). I didnt need the school to have the best EC program my kids were interested in, I could pay for it outside of the school.
Look at those private schools profiles. The differences are significant. NJ has some of best public school systems. If those private schools do not have have better profile than your public school then why pay for it. My kids went to a private NJ. They benefited greatly from the education they received. It was probably better than their college education.