Private messages

<p>The revamped "control panel" on college confidential allows us to send and receive private messages to each other, but most people have not yet activated theirs. I have been exchanging private messages with several people and it is so helpful, as it allows two people with a particular shared issue (that they might not want to air in public for confidentiality reasons, or for fear of hijacking a thread or boring people) to have a discussion without the need to exchange emails publicly, etc. I and others, I notice, are sending personalized messages to posters to get their attention :). For those who are interested, you might want to go to your control panel and adjust your profile to permit the sending and receiving of the private messages.</p>

<p>Agreed - this a great feature, and allows communication without disclosing your email address. I wouldn't worry much about being harassed or abused - just forward any problem messages to a mod or admin.</p>

<p>I am a member of another board that also has private messages. It is a wonderful way to communicate with another board member and to be able to speak more honestly. I have developed new friendships with people through private messages; we were able to let our true identities be known. I love this feature!!</p>