Private Music/ Voice Lessons at BS

Hi everyone. Our son currently doesn’t play an instrument but plans to take private instrument ( most likely guitar) and voice lessons (for musical theater) at high school while doing sports and clubs. Is it better to delay the lessons after the initial few months pass? Can a student do sports, clubs (s), and private lessons in the same season, or would it be too much to handle? Any idea what are the hourly charges of private lessons?


Most schools we know of do offer private lessons - guitar is actually popular among students. Private lessons in instruments and voice. We did this for our kid. I have no idea what the charge is - I can’t remember, so it must have been affordable.

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It might depend on course level load and schedule structure. Most freshman have a free block at our school, but those starting out at more advanced classes make good use of them.

At our school sign up occurs at the start of each term, so waiting a couple of months might not be a bad idea. At the end of the day it will depend on each kid

Have your son pick music as his art in the Humanities program (assuming he’s in 9th or 10th grade). That way he will get lessons as part of the curriculum and at no extra charge. At least that’s how I remember my son’s experience several years ago.

He is thinking to take theater as his humanity requirements, but music is also a good alternative.

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Voice lessons at Exeter are around $750/term if I recall correctly. At least at Exeter, if you get FA it applies to private lessons as well. So if you get 50% FA for tuition, you also get 50% for lessons.

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At my daughter’s school, they schedule private music lessons during study halls, and all freshmen are required to have a study hall. After freshman year, they can fill up their schedule more, and lessons can also happen after school, but that’s basically between them and the teacher.