"Private" tour of campus?

Hello-- my family is traveling from CA to visit Atlanta area schools Thanksgiving week. The tours on those dates literally filled to capacity the same day they were opened up (I checked every day!) We managed to get something at GA Tech and UGA for my son but my daughter is extremely interested in Emory and all that’s available is a self-guided tour with a map. I think Emory could be her first choice but she isn’t even going to get a feel for it that way.

Are there are any Emory folks out there (students or staff) that are interested in showing us around on November 23 please reach out. She is particularly interested in in Film/TV, Creative Writing, and QSS. Any other ideas how she can really get the vibe of the school and students? (She’s done a virtual info session already). Thank you!

I had success getting a private tour of another college by asking on their parents Facebook group. Offered to pay but the student said she loved her school and would not accept any money.


great idea! I’ll try that as well.

all the parents FB pages are usually private–how did you get in to even ask the question?

It was the Clemson New Jersey group. Nice people in NJ:)

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I can ask the GC at our Atl HS school who is at Emory & see if they can give you guys a tour.

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Actually my daughters have said they have friends who are freshmen at Emory - they are going to reach out & see if they will be on campus 11/23

I hope hope someone on this forum can do this. One of my kids did private tours for more than several CC families…and they were most appreciative!

I would suggest you post this in the parents forum too where some parent might see it and ask their Emory student (that’s how my kid did these…I saw the request and asked…and then connected the families with my kid.

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FYI, it’s ok to visit campus on the day and ask if there is room to join a tour group. If they say no, do a self-tour. Ask tons of questions in the admissions office. Talk to a student in every building you go into, if you are able to go inside.

She can absolutely get a feel for Emory without an official tour. The most important thing my kids did at any school they visited was to watch people. If you are allowed, go into the library and take a seat for 20 minutes. Get a coffee for 15 minutes. Eat lunch and hang out for 30 minutes. Go into the gym. Sit on a bench in a busy place and watch how people interact.

Last school year, many kids had to choose colleges without visiting or talking to anyone on campus. Not so long ago, that was normal. Believe me, we all have stories here of bad tour guides, many of whom put people off. You can’t assume the tour guide represents the whole student body, even if that is their de facto role. Some are great and some are awful. The best way to get a feel is to go all over campus, look at everyone and ask as many questions as you can.


That would be awesome! Please message me or put me in touch if it’s a go!

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Yes we’ve done self-guided during COVID and my older D ended up at a school she didn’t visit until move in. I know it’s possible, but it definitely not ideal. Not sure why the schools are not offering more tours on busy weeks. The campus will be starting to empty out while we are there and we can’t go indoor at all.

What parents forum are you referring to? Is there an Emory specific one? I’m jus curious as there are so many forums on CC. I can’t get access to the Emory Parents FB group.

It’s a section of College Confidential on which parents post college related questions.

Just make sure you click on Parents Forum. If you click on that on the link I posted here, you will see a button for “new message”.

Of the schools (UGA, GA Tech, & Emory), Emory would be the easiest to do as a self guided walking tour.

Also, you might want to consider visiting Oxford College of Emory University as it is located between Athens & Atlanta.

P.S. I will PM you with another alternative.

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I’m a senior at Emory currently. I’m not majoring in any of her interests, but I’m in the b-school and have taken a few Film & creative writing elective courses. I only know the very basics of those programs, but I would be happy to show you guys around and try to answer any questions (I am definitely NOT a tour guide lol…).

Feel free to send me a private message! Let me know what dates you’ll be in town, I won’t be on campus on the 25th and 26th but I’ll be around earlier in the week.


P.S. unfortunately I won’t be able to get you guys into any of the dorms, though.

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AWESOME! I sent you a PM.