problem with conditions of admission with UCB

<p>I got admitted into UCB and one of the conditions is to maintain a 3.0 unweighted and to notify the admissions office if I did not satisfy any condition for any term.</p>

<p>For my first semseter of senior year, I had a 2.8 unweighted (but 3.2 weighted for AP classes). Is this something to panic over?</p>

<p>I am hoping they keep in mind the difficulty of my high school and classes.</p>

<p>In February a UCB admissions survey had also asked me what my grades were in 1st semester, so they would have already known about this prior to admitting me.</p>

<p>I suppose then that they mean they want you to get a 3.0 unweighted second semester.</p>

<p>did anyone else's conditions of admission say 3.0 UNWEIGHTED in bold?</p>

<p>I think you have to maintain the 3.0uw for ALL of senior year. so if you got a 2.8 uw 1st semester you need at least a 3.2 uw 2nd semester to maintain the total 3.0 uw. double check on this though, it's just my best guess.</p>

<p>if thats true then id really have troubles...</p>

<p>i think u should email the admission officer whose contact was provided to u to let him/her know of ur situation. for me, they asked for my a-level results that i was unable to provide because i dropped out of a-levels. i emailed the contact person, and she said "ok fine,congratz anway u're still in dont worry." i just have to submit the rest of my still admitted anyway, no need a-levels. </p>

<p>p/s: and yes it's 3.0 unweighted in bold for me too.</p>

<p>Hm, 2.8 you're not in that big of a trouble. FOr Cal I believe the offical requirement is 3.0 UW for each semester, not overall for the year, which is pretty rough. But the thing is, they're not very strict on it. My friend was EECS with regents at cal, but he got a 2.6 UW second semeter. He was still fine, they tried to scare him a bit at first by saying that he was in their most competitive program etc etc... but then they said it would be fine and he's at cal now so yea.</p>

<p>i think there is something wrong with me but the threat (however minor) of being kicked out of cal for that is causing me to lose sleep and stress really badly</p>

<p>also, what exactly do you mean "a-level?"</p>