<p>Ok, so I chose to take this astronomy class it's ASTR 1230 Intro Astronomical Observation and the lecture is on Mondays from 7-9 pm in Clark Hall. Of course, we have to take a lab class with this and there was the option of having the lab right after the lecture on Mondays 9-11 pm in the Astronomy Building and I chose that option.</p>

<p>My problem is how the heck to I get to the lab class on time and why would they have this option if the lecture just ended the same time the lab class started. Why would they do that? So....I don't know if this is ok. Or should I change my lab class time?</p>

<p>You just walk over with everyone else in the class doing the same thing. You will also find you will have to be there more than the one night you pick sometimes due to poor weather. So you need to make sure you have another evening free at least. My friend took this class for the astro minor.</p>