Procrastinated: No counselor letter (school report)

<p>The school report will not make the 1/1 deadline because I waited until the last minute. Is there way out of this mess? Beg admissions for extension?</p>

<p>A random counselor at my school said that the school and teacher reports can be sent after the deadlines. I highly doubt that's true.</p>

<p>Anyways, I just screwed myself over for all private schools that 1/1 deadline.</p>

<p>no, it is true. they want you to have all the things that you are responsible for (application essays, test scores, etc.) but they will understand if teacher recs and counselor stuff trickles in a bit later. i wouldnt worry about it.</p>

<p>I was curious about this too, check out this thread: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Good gracious, thanks. I was just wondering the same exact thing.</p>

<p>This takes a lot off my mind for now. My school's winter break extends to 1/7 and let's assume my counselor takes 7-10 days to send it in. Will that be way too late? </p>

<p>My teacher evaluations will all be on time, however.</p>

<p>Yes, my counselor said there's an unwritten deadline usually a week or two after the deadline.</p>

The school report will not make the 1/1 deadline because I waited until the last minute


<p>The student's application is due by this date so you need to make sure that your part meets the deadline date.</p>

<p>The mid year report including the counselor recommendation are not due on this date. For RD decsions that come out ~April 1 for most schools GC do not have to send the mid year reports and and counselor evaluations until feb. Worse case scenario, the college will send you a note letting you know that items are missing and your GC will take care of it.</p>