Programs for Non-Music Majors

So I’m looking to major in the Sciences but want to play drum kit in college. Does anyone have suggestions for good non-music major programs? Or any schools with minors that will work too, anything that will let me play drum set. My main goal is just to continue playing and learning. I wouldn’t mind picking up piano or doing vocals along the way.

Here are all my stats.

Small Public High School

Intended Majors
Pre-Physician Assistant, Human Biology, Music Therapy or Minor in Music Performance with a concentration in Drums.

Weighted GPA 3.7
No Ranks

2/3 AP Course my school offers (Biology and Psychology)
Dual Enrollment (4 Semesters of English, 2 Sems History, 1 Sem Political Science, 1 Sem Calculus, 2 Sems Statistics, 4 Sems French)

State Writing Award
Tri-M Music Honor Society
International Thespian Society
National Honor Society


  • Theater (9-12, Leadership Role, Drummer, Major Actress)
  • Music (10-12 Drumming & Vocal Lessons)
  • Jazz Band (12, Main Drummer)
  • International Thespian Society (11, President)
  • Reading Tutor/Work (12)
  • Medical Summer Program (12)
  • National Honor Society (11-12, Member)


  • Somewhat strong writer
  • LOR’s are coming from my English and History Professors, and Music and Art coordinators.


  • My EFC is $5,500
  • Anything with scholarships is helpful since I plan on pursuing higher education
  • Schools within the North Eastern Area, but willing to look at other areas.

Thank you so much for reading through this

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There are many schools that could be a good fit for you. You could start with the usual factors of cost, location, size, academics, and (especially) vibe and then check out the music opportunities. Do you like the idea of a big university or a small liberal arts college? What part of the country do you prefer? Do you want a selective, rigorous school?

In some cases you would want to avoid schools that have BM programs (conservatories or schools of music) because best teachers and opportunities might go to the BM students. But not always. It just bears checking out.

One exception to start with: Oberlin has a newish Musical Studies major that gives non-Conservatory students access to Conservatory resources. Find out whether non-music majors also have access. There are other schools to suggest with a little more info


For the most part somewhere in the North East area. I don’t really mind either a big university or small liberal arts since they both have their own pros and cons. Interdisciplinary study is something I find interesting in a college but other than that, location and cost are the two biggest factors for me.

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We don’t know the level of selectivity you are after, but Tufts comes to mind for me. Excellent music dept. with a lot of student participation. Amherst, Williams, Wesleyan, Vassar.

Another school I really like for your needs would be Clark University in Worcester.

Brown has no gen eds, ditto Amherst. I think Vassar too but not sure.

Bennington and Sarah Lawrence involve independent and interdisciplinary studies but are small (Bennington is tiny).

You could also look at SUNY’s and other state universities, like UMass.

Basically, try choosing colleges you like for other reasons, including sciences, and then look into their music offerings.

I assume you have your own drum set?


Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I will definitely take a look into all of them. I’m somewhat an average applicant 3.7 GPA, big presence in theatre with a leadership/presidential role, same with music minus the leadership role, I won a state competition for playwriting, and did a science summer program. Test-optional applicant as well, took 2/3 (Bio and Psych) possible AP’s offered at my school, 9 colleges classes (Mainly English, History, French, Math), and have distinctions in music and theater. I’ve been playing drums at school (I’m the main drummer) for almost 3yrs and yes I own my own electric kit and play the acoustic one at school. Hopefully this helps!

Hello, my recent post was taken down with all my stats, but hopefully, this reply reaches more people since I’m still on the lookout for more schools. Anything helps, thank you!

Not sure where you are looking but UCSD is an option, and Stony Brook.


Yes, Stony Brook is on my list! Anywhere in the North Eastern Area is preferable.

Currently, I have SUNY Fredonia, New Paltz, Purchase, and Geneseo, Clark University, Brown, Wesleyan, Syracuse, Penn State, U Penn, Vassar, NYU, Colgate, BU, and Temple.

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I think that’s a great list.

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