Prospective Mid-Year Transfer

Hi everyone! I am from Oregon but currently studying at UW as a freshman. I applied to UW because it offered my major: Neuroscience. As an out-of-state student going to UW tuition is pretty high. With COVID going around, I do not think that classes will be in person until late next year, and the pandemic is causing a slight financial strain on my family. Therefore being out of state does not make sense and I would prefer to be closer to home. Luckily, UO recently started a neuroscience major this year(so excited), and I am hoping to transfer in for the Winter term of 2021!
I have already submitted my application, but am extremely nervous about their decision. Has anyone had experiences with mid-year transfers here, and what do you think of my chances? Here are a few of my stats :slight_smile:

-HS GPA: 3.97/4.00
-Uni. GPA: maybe a 3.2 GPA (Washington is rough)
-SAT: 1140
-Credits from dual enrollment: ~35 (Linn Benton & Lane CC)

thanks for reading my post I appreciate it!