Prospective Student Seeking Urgent Advice: (Hillsdale) Test Score

Hello, everyone. I applied for Hillsdale several months ago with an Early Decision for Fall 2022 and I need some much-needed advice. I was originally test-optional, but I chose to take the CLT (Classic Learning Test) at the last second. On my first try I received a 96 (1410 SAT/31 ACT) and am waiting for a second test result, but I cannot take any more of these tests if I want to retain the ED. Should I submit this score with my application or should I go test-exempt? I’m also open to non-Hillsdale applicants for help. (I’m cautious because I know Hillsdale’s acceptance score has plummeted over the past few years.)

To give some context I also have a 3.98 GPA, took all classes through a community college 9-10th grade, have good volunteer/job experience, have solid application essays and LORs.

Have you looked at their Common Data Set?

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Have you received your letter from Hillsdale yet?

Yes, accepted, and with a pretty hefty scholarship!

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