Prospective Transfer questions

I’m a rising sophomore at top 25 school. I’m unhappy with my current institution, and I’m considering transferring to Northwestern for winter quarter. I have some main questions:

  1. How do you like Northwestern? Are you happy there? Are there a lot of activities/things to do?
    I go to a school where there is very little sense of community/school spirit, and a lot of people are unhappy because of it. I definitely want to find a sense of community/school pride in a university.

  2. How are programs in public health/medicine? I am in interested in global health studies and biological sciences; I want to pursue a degree in epidemiology and also possibly go to medical school. However, I noticed that Northwestern’s med school is located fairly far from the Evanston campus. Does this make it difficult to pursue research in these areas as an undergraduate?

Thanks for your help!