Providence College 2025

didn’t see a trend so decided to start one. Good luck to everyone

anyone know when decisions will be released? or at least when decisions were released last year?

Email sent yesterday said Monday 3/15 evening

Did everyone receive this email? I have checked my inbox and spam and have received no email.

I didn’t get an email either

I didnt either, weird

I hope that email doesn’t mean anything…

The message was sent to all new Regular Decision applicants. Students deferred from EA did not receive another copy. If you didn’t receive it, feel free to contact us and we can make sure we don’t have an issue w/ your email address.


does anyone know what time decisions come out tmrw?

Not too sure. Anyone know what time they came out last year?

I read a few past threads and it seems they release decisions at 8pm.

i think early action came out around 7pm in december

It’s official! Decisions come out at 7pm from Providence’s instagram

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They’re out! I got in with the St Joseph Scholarship!

yeah same I got in after being deferred !

WL after being deferred. Kind of surprised and very disappointed.

Take the time to talk to current students…the stress of the last year has laid bare what PC’s priorities are and are not. Cashing checks is a priority, good outcomes is not a priority. Fiduciary survival is a priority, student health and well being is not a priority. It has been our experience that PC is willfully rejecting pleas for help from students struggling with their mental health. Don’t take my word for it…do the homework and talk to the kids there.