Providence College EA 2023

Decisions are, hopefully, not too far away. Please post results and stats. Good luck to all!!

when are decisions supposed to come in? last year i know they were earlier than expected

Last year, candidates received letters in the mail on Dec 18th. I’m not sure if they will stick with snail mail or shift to a portal method. Either way, Good Luck!!!

I have a niece at PC - for her year their website said early January but she found out via snail mail the week before Christmas. Hoping it is early again this year!

Wishing for good news from Friartown prior to Christmas. Our daughter is impressed with faculty, facilities, and friendly vibe of the campus.

My daughter is anxiously waiting to hear. Hoping that they come earlier. She loves it

From the admissions Facebook page last Wednesday:

Every application has now been read for the first time and the counselor responsible for the file has given a recommended decision. As is often the case, there are many academically competitive candidates and not enough space available in our Class of 2023. With too many students being recommended for admission, the counseling staff is now working in groups of two to review applications again and narrow down the list of files that will be presented in our Committee on Admission sessions. Committee will begin this evening and run through next Tuesday.

That just stressed me out even more. Ugh. He loves it.

Per most recent Facebook post, Admissions received over 6800 apps for ED and EA! They will post decisions via the portal (you will receive an email notification when they hit) and then follow up a week later by mail for those who have been accepted. They will announce before January 1st - but no firm release date as of yet.

Updated post from Admissions Facebook page -

Woohoo! Every admission decision has officially been made. While this is generally exciting news, it does mean that it’s time for one of the more quantitative (cough less exciting cough) parts of our process: merit scholarship committee.

Don’t get us wrong…we love that we’re able to award about a third of our admitted students scholarships of $20,000 - $40,000, but the process we use to do so isn’t the most exciting. While we have spent the past weeks reading about the great stories and personal characteristics of our applicants, scholarships are awarded strictly based upon academics. We’re considering an applicant’s recalculated GPA, the rigor and depth of the curriculum, performance in English classes, fit to major, test scores (if they’re submitted), and the academic tone of the application. That’s it.

With those being the things we consider, what does that leave out? Well, when awarding scholarships we are never looking at the GPA printed on the transcript (because we recalculate), we aren’t considering a student’s leadership or personal qualities, and we aren’t weighing how interested they are in PC.

For the next day or so, we’re going to be staring at numbers…and lots of them!

did they say when will be notified of the decision?

Last year, candidates received letters in the mail on Dec 18th. Pure speculation, but maybe they will be mailed on Friday and we will get them Tues or Wed. It seems like that is what has been done in years past. Good Luck!!

Providence College Office of Admission Facebook today - they will post decisions sometime next week. They’ll email all applicants when they’re posted.

This was just posted on the facebook page for Providence College Office of Admission “An e-mail will be sent to all applicants when their decision is ready to be viewed on the Admission Status Portal. Those who are admitted will receive a package in the mail a few days later”

Sorry we can’t be more specific and please know that things can always change, but it’s looking like we’ll be able to release decisions by next Tuesday (12/18) at the latest.

From the admissions FB page today:

We’ve been testing the Admission Status Portal all afternoon. Decisions will be released the evening of Monday, December 17th.

that’s so exciting !

When will honors college decisions be posted?

Does anyone know the early action acceptance rate?

Here’s last year’s common data set link. It does address the number of ED and transfer admits, but I don’t see any EA numbers, unless I missed something.