Providence College EA accepted to class of 2022. Did you get Merit Scholarship Money?

I received my acceptance today for EA. I did not get any Merit Money and am so disappointed. 3.925 UW GPA on a 4.0 scale, exhausted AP courses, many extra circular activities, and 4 year 3 sport varsity player. Other schools gave 50,000 to 100,000 but 0 from PC. Did not submit SAT or ACT, but was told it wouldn’t be held against me. Top choice disappointment, likely can’t afford to attend.

PC gives aid in mid to late January!

They give financial aid (need based) in mid to late January. Merit scholarship, if given, is with the acceptance letter.

My acceptance letter said that I got a “St Catherine of Siena” Scholarship for 60% of tuition for four years. Does that mean I literally get 60% off of tuition?


Thanks, I was just a bit confused because in my experience usually schools give dollar amounts for merit and not percentages

Went to 2 open houses at PC. They offer three levels of scholarship all in %. Congrats to you, wish you the best!!

Thank you for your help, wish you the best in your college journey as well!

@pcclassof2022 yes, they offer three % scholarships…45%, 60% and 80%. They offer 115 of these and you are also automatically in the honors program. But they also have set amount scholarships…Albertus Magnus for $18k, Friar Scholarships up to $10K and some others.

My daughter didn’t get anything in the mail
from Providence today and she did apply EA. We live in NY. Is that not a good sign? How do they notify a deferral or rejection?

I called admissions at PC today, they said all were mailed Friday. Likely just a mail delay, check the mailbox tomorrow.

S has good stats, 34ACT, 4.21 WGPA, good leadership, etc. Got in EA, but no $$. Waiting mid Jan for FA and some other schools before he decides. One of his top choices. Merit $ would have sealed it. Oh well, we wait…

The merit money seems random, my daughter has 4.1 GPA, 8 AP’a, 1490 SAT, top
3% of class, super involved, also accepted EA to Fordham with merit, EA to BC. I’m thinking they know PC probably isn’t her #1 choice? Oh well PC’s loss.

I got the 60% off scholarship, 4.0 GPA and 35 ACT

@paparent106 “yes, they offer three % scholarships…45%, 60% and 80%. They offer 115 of these and you are also automatically in the honors program.”

Hi there, Happy New Year! My son was offered a 60% scholarship, but he hasn’t gotten an Honors Program letter as of yet. Do you think it may be possible that only some scholarship recipients will be sent the letter? I have searched all over the Internet, and I can’t find a definitive answer one way or another! I appreciate you sharing any insight you may have!

Thank you!!

My mom called admissions because we were disappointed by my lack of merit aid as well. The admissions counselor said that the scholarship committee was going to review some applicants again, including myself, in Febuary/March. She said mid year grades are going to be very important in that review. Good luck, wishing you the best!

Can I ask your stats? My daughter got 18k with a 4.3 Gpa and a 35act . 760 and 780 on sat subject tests. Hard to believe she was not invited to honors program and just wondering stats of those who were?

I agree 100%! My daughter also had (4.3 Gpa) straight As… 9 APS and a 35 ACT with exemplary sat subject tests. I think they assumed it was her “safety” when it was actually in her top 3! A call to the admissions left us even more frustrated as they could give no reason. Definitely moved down on the list!

My child also accepted with no merit. We were not expecting the honors program nor the large percentage but were hoping for the lower scholarship of 18K. In the past kids from her catholic HS had ALL received the 18K with decent grades so we were shocked to receive nothing. NO one from her school received any money this year except for one student with almost perfect SAT score. I called PC to question and was told that this year they had decided to award less merit based scholarships than in past. They apologized. I think PC should have posted this on their website before kids applied and gotten their hopes up.; This was my child’s first choice but without any assistance we cannot send her. So heart breaking!! To be so excited to be accepted but then disappointed in no merit… such a shame!

@booklover28 - thanks for the info. Our GC had told us that past applicants from our HS often received merit so my friend was very surprised when her son got in but got no merit. I will have to let her know. Did they give any indication why?