Provisionally Admitted to SJSU for Fall 2020 but I might get rejected

Hello everyone! So I’m provisionally admitted to SJSU for Fall 2020 students for Psychology major but I’m afraid that I might get rejected. Currently, I have yet to finish 2 courses from the Golden Four ( Written Communication and Oral Communication )
because I was planning to take those classes during the summer of 2020.

However, due to economic complications back in my country ( Indonesia ), COVID-19 and family complication issues, I have no choice but to go back to my home country and not able to enroll for summer classes. I’ve maintained a 3.63 GPA and I have more than 60 transferable units. Do you think I will be accepted into the university despite not finishing 2 out of the Golden 4 areas?

( Though I find it strange that I am provisionally admitted to SJSU despite not finishing 2 out of the Golden 4 classes since the final transcripts should be submitted before July 15 2020, which means that they are not considering my transcripts for Summer unless I contacted SJSU regarding this. )

Call SJSU and ask.

They may hold your acceptance until January to allow you to take those two classes in the fall.

Did SJSU tell you that you need those two classes or are they a high school graduation requirement?

Did you state on your CSU application that you were going to have all courses completed by Spring or Summer? Usually if you are missing any of the Golden four requirements, you will be rescinded. Did you specifically make arrangements with SJSU to have them completed by end of Summer instead of Spring since provisional admission means all classes completed by Spring prior to matriculation. Definitely contact SJSU and find out your options to maintain your acceptance.

From the SJSU website:
** The offer of provisional admission is based on the academic information that applicants report on the CSU Apply application. All academic information must be verified before the admitted student will be allowed to enroll and register for classes at SJSU. The admission status will remain “provisional” until an official, final transcript(s) passes verification and confirmation of completion of any spring work in progress. The offer of provisional admission to the academic plan (major) listed on the admission letter is only valid for the admit term and may not be deferred to another semester. In addition, it is not possible to change majors prior to enrollment at SJSU.