PSAT/SAT scores??

<p>What type of PSAT/SAT scores should sophmores in high school expect if they plan on applying to ivy-league schools?</p>

<p>Well, my brother (who is currently a sophomore at Harvard) got a 1360 on his PSAT when he took in his sophomore year, when he took the PSAT his Junior year he qualified as a National Merit Finalist, and when he took the SAT I in Jan. '02, he got a 1600. </p>

<p>So as just a sophomore, it's * recommendable* that you have PSAT scores of upper 1200's+ (selectivity index of 180+) if you plan on applying to Ivy League and Ivy-caliber schools. With or without prep, your score are expected so improve significantly over one year.</p>

<p>Thanks!! This will let me have some perspective on where I'm standing. :)</p>

<p>Also, there was a 360 point gain from my sophomore PSAT score to my SAT I score, so don't lose hope if you didn't get the score you expected as a soph.</p>

<p>Exactly. My score was devastating my sophomore year for some reason,(177 index..ouch) but Junior year, I had a 22- something. I made finalist, but the point here is that for some people, sophomore year is just not THE year. :)</p>

<p>awesome! i'm especially counting on my score improving by my junior year. lol!</p>

<p>What would you guys consider a 'good but not EXCELLENT' sophmore score? One that begs improvement but not tears?</p>

<p>As Elbereth mentioned, a good sophomore score, but can definately improve, would be 180+. (But I didn't get it..:) )</p>

<p>Ya I got a 185 on my PSAT but ended up with a 1490 on my SAT, so don't sweat- its always possible to improve</p>

<p>blah.. i got a 174. idk what i will get junior year, but i have been feeling SO bad about my psat score. and worst thing is, i cannot bring myself to study.. my dad called me lazy because i have such a horrible score yet do nothing about it.
blah. i need to start sutdying for sat.</p>

<p>A 174 is not terrible at all for a sophomore. You have a lot of time to improve. I wouldn't stress over it too much ;)</p>

<p>margsala...your dad is a little too harsh and overbearing. Whether you prep for the SAT or not, your score naturally will go up. When I took the PSAT in 10th grade, I got a freaking 990 (don't remember the selectivity index), so I was devasted and thought I'd end up nowhere after high school. I actually got a 174 JUNIOR year (equivalent to an 1140), and ended up with a 1350 on the SAT I, which was fairly high for all of the schools I applied to. I'm sure you'd do much better than me when the time comes to take the actual SAT--I project you'd get 2200+. </p>

<p>It sickens me how much stress the SAT induces on these poor kids...</p>

<p>My PSAT score only improved by two points from my sophomore year to my junior year...</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore and it definitely isn't my year. 169 index on PSAT... dropped in math and verbal from freshman year.</p>

<p>But my Jan. SAT was a 1350, so go figure.</p>

<p>its kinda depressing when you get a 187 and all your friends get 200+'s and one got a counting on a ton of practice over summer and im thinking of taking classes. btw im a soph</p>

<p>Haha. I'm counting on a good junior PSAT boost too! But oh well, at least I went over my parent's threshold of 205 without studying of any kind this year. Next year WITH studying, I hope to break 225 at least.</p>

<p>I got a 195, Im hoping next year to break 220</p>

<p>when i took the psat in sophomore year, i got a 1250. i think it was a 191 selection index. this year, i got a 202 selection index. still not good enough for national merit, but at least i'll be commended.</p>

<p>... you can improve ALOT btwn sophie and junior year...</p>


<p>PSAT: Sophie - 180
PSAT: Junior - 219</p>

<p>well... it's not all good... 195-206... only 11 pts... that's a bit disheartening, but on the last kaplan practice i took i got an 800 M 640 R 740 W with a 6/6 essay :) 218*</p>