Puget Sound Early Action Class of 2021

Has anyone heard back with an admission decision from EA at puget sound?

Nope. Wondering how they even call that EA…heard from everyone else in Nov-early Jan

UPS website claims that EA decisions will be released February 15

We were at music auditions yesterday and they said “by Friday” for EA (not till mid march on music items though) The latest mailer stated EA notifications start on the 15th.

I just got an email saying it will come out this Wednesday, does anyone know what time?

just got my acceptance/scholarship offer! 830 CST here!!!

@mocktrialrules where did you see the scholarship offer?

@mocktrialrules Click on financial aid in your portal

It seems like all the admissions are posted in student’s portals but they haven’t notified us yet.

We can see the acceptance but no access to anything yet under financial aid. Hopefully they are loading?

My daughter is in! Right now, UPS is her top choice.

We can also see that she is admitted but no scholarship information is available.

I got my acceptance today! My financial aid ($17,000 scholarship, some grant money) was listed in the portal with my acceptance :slight_smile:

Acceptance today on the portal but nothing showing under financial aid. However, a letter (regular envelope) arrived with scholarship information in it!

Our letter arrived (with scholarship info) yesterday as well. Still nothing viewable on the portal.

Thinking positively for everyone, it does appear they are processing applications differently so timing is not predictable. Applied EA in November from out of state, West Coast.

  • Portal acceptance on Feb 15 and regular letter followed on Feb 16 indicating another full packet to come within month with complete details. Letter indicated award of faculty scholarship $17k (covering ~36% of full tuition).
  • Accepted to music program BM, performance (had auditioned in person at field location they sanctioned, though they still recorded the audition, as there was not a full panel in attendance). Word on any merit scholarship from Music program hopefully still to come.