Purdue (Integrated Business & Engineering) or Texas A&M (Business/MIS)

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    My son got into the Purdue IBE program and Texas A&M Business. He is hoping to major in MIS if he goes to A&M, but is open to both schools and programs - basically he's undecided. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated! (Background - We lived in Texas up until 2020, and had to move out of country for family reasons.) Thank You!

IBE is more geared towards technical management with focus on problem solving in industries. MIS is more towards information systems and business and how to use information to run businesses better. Depending on his interest he can pick either as both are very good schools.

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Both are great schools. I don’t think one school has a decided advantage over the other when a Hiring Manager is reviewing resumes. The 2 choices of Majors are very different, and his preference there will likely determine where he goes to school. If he is chasing status and prestige (which some people on this site don’t like but I am fine with) I guess anything associated with Purdue & Engineering would be the way to go but it would be by the slimmest of margins.

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Can’t go wrong with either school. The critical piece in outcome for post grad is going to be getting work experiences in internships or co-ops.

I’d have your son do a deeper dive on the four year plans of study and see what resonates more.

My D is at Purdue but has two close friends at A&M who have loved their time there.

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Thank you for your thoughts! Will ask him to take a look at the courses each program offers - that’ll probably help.