***PURDUE University CLASS of 2022 Admission Thread

WHo got in, any questions, EA or RD

EA decisions don’t come out until January 15th.


I saw on last year’s Common Data Set (C-22) for Purdue that their EA application date was 11/1, and their EA notification date was 12/12. Think that means people really heard in December? Hoping that means this year’s EA applicants could hear by Christmas.

I heard Purdue stops rolling this year.

heard decisions coming out by dec mid . is that still the date floating out there…
also do honors college dec come out the same time?

No more rolling admissins this year. EA decisons come out on January 15th. Honors follows at a later date.

Honors college decisions are send in February.

I heard mid-Dec to mid-Jan for EA, sure hope so!

I have only heard that EA decisions will come out on January 15th.

They definitely removed rolling admission this year… but I have a question. In the “Check my Application Status” on Purdue’s website, I now have a departmental scholarship application link. When I click on it, it gives me a PUID along with my desired major. Do you think everyone receives this? Deadline is January 1. Would they create a PUID for everyone that applied, even if they don’t get accepted later? Maybe this is a secret way of finding you got in.

I saw my son’s application also now has that scholarship link

My daughter who is an alumni from Purdue said, they do give temporary PUID for admission purpose

My D has same notification

S also can see his PUID on the Purdue portal. Does that mean he can expect to hear good news?

With a SAT score of 1360/1600 with 710 in maths and 650 in reading and language also, with 43/45 IB points what are my chances for an admission at Purdue University for Biomedical Engineering. In addition, I have solid essays and extracurricular activities. I have applied under Early Action and it would be great if someone could tell me where I stand in terms of admission.

I dont think it matters about biomedical engineering… because you only apply to general engineering for first year so you will be competing with all the comp engineering studetns too…

Today at 1:37 pm
SAT: 1510/1600 superscore (1470 regular)
Best Subscores; 790 math 720 reading
GPA: 3.96 Weighted (Honors = 4.5, AP = 5.0)
Significant classes:
AP Economics (Micro & Macro)
Multivariable Calculus - taking now
AP Physics C - Taking now
AP Calc BC
AP Government - taking now
AP Lang
AP Computer Science - Taking now

EC: Work consistent outside of school, Math honors society president, two internships, go to an art studio basic clubs,etc.


Essays are pretty nice

SAT Math 2: 740

I had a pretty upward trend in grades (Do they see my first quarter or semester of senior year??)
Please be honest with your assessment, I have been thinking about this every since I submitted my application a month ago.

@boka I am just a parent, but my daughter has applied to Purdue and we did visit and I’ve read everything I possibly can about stats and I would be shocked if you didn’t get in. Your GPA is great, your SAT score is great, math almost perfect, and you have lots of AP courses. I know that engineering is competitive but I think you have a great shot at acceptance. Scholarships are a different story because who knows about those they are so darn competitive. Good luck!

agree to @tif1972 … all he data i have read is that you will get in with your scores and aps… all the best to you…
check the data set for purdue you are on the top 10% even in engineering of 2016 class