Purdue Vs NUS (Engineering)

<p>hey...what wud u choose...purdue or national university of singapore...</p>


<p>neat screen name btw </p>


<p>NUS with no second thoughts.</p>

<p>hi thanks for the advice...keep them coming..thanks rishabh...</p>

<p>Well for hardcore engineering course, NUS hands down! but Purdue would definately be more "fun". NUS has amazing academics, but the overall experience might not be what you want. Plus, purdue's engineering programme is very highly regarded in the united states, so it might be a better value for all the work you have to put into. And ofcourse NUS will be wayyy cheaper. It will also be easier for you to fit in there if you're asian.</p>

<p>I dunno about the level at purue, it maybe very higly regarded in the us but i doubt it actually deserves all that regard. </p>

<p>4 of my classmates got in and they are, no offence to them, not so brilliant academically if you know what i mean.</p>

<p>yeah thats what I meant to stay .. the "standard" and level of NUS is much higher .. Purdue is an extra large state university and it sucks for everything else other than engineering and business. The only problem with NUS is that the people are dull and its a bit boring.</p>

<p>erm waleedk thanks for ur advice...i sure appreciate it...but dont refer to ppl as dull and boring...i have just gotten to kno a few ppl at NUS and they're mighty interesting...thanks again...</p>

<p>lol sorry .. i meant it in the sense that they have to study soo much...like MIT students are bound to be "less social" then say, someone from UT austin</p>

<p>I think it depends on where do you want to work after graduation. If it the US, then you should choose Purdue, no doubt. It has a excellent reputation in engineering here.</p>

<p>well said boomer</p>

<p>yes thats prolly it...</p>

<p>purdue. totally.</p>

<p>From what I know from a friend.. the college life in Singapore is extremely poor.</p>

<p>You'll enjoy Purdue more and you'd have the opportunity to get a job and work in the US as well</p>

<p>college life in Singapore = does it exist?? :D</p>

<p>what abt NTU??? i thin kNTUs better than NUS
betwn NUS and Purdue...NUS obviously</p>

<p>well NTU's not a patch on NUS...why dyu say so arjun???</p>

<p>since u wanna do engineering, i advised NTU...because its considered to be better in the field
its like this: NUS is good at pretty much everythin...from what i hear...
but NTU has the edge when it comes to engineering...they're like Harvard and MIT of Singapore 9if u want an analogy)</p>

<p>that's a potentially misleading analogy, considering that there are only 3 universities in singapore. they;re state-run too..
IMO a good indicator is the quality of students. cheers (:</p>

<p>u think SMU couls feature in a better analogy???
cmmn...these are the only 2 universities that r worthwile for engineering...and in a weird way thats how they stand
NSU bein like an all-rounder and NTU an engineering powerhouse</p>