Queer Eye - Netflix

I have not only fallen in love with this show, but the “fab five”.

I did not watch the original series a few years back. But this new edition - season one last year, season two now on Netflix has me feeling like “What Not To Wear” but in an even more fun, more touching, more comprehensive way.

In addition to the show I’ll been following some of the guys on social media and listening to various podcasts with/about them. (Jonathan has his own podcast which my D2 just loves - it’s quite entertaining!). What an interesting crew with interesting backgrounds, not all puppies and rainbows.

A few of them seem to spend a good bit of time together off season. They all have different personalities and adorable quirks. I listened to Tan France’s story this weekend about coming out and his family - more recently “repaired” but for years broken and to me, heartbreaking (how do you not allow your son to mention his H’s name in your presence for 13 years?!)

And the people they connect with to make over - home, beauty and self - very interesting mix and very humbling to see some of them come around - most of them from the Atlanta area - deep south where gay people are not accepted in some communities or circles (like some of the rest of the world unfortunately) and the apparent transformation that happens on the screen with the five.

It’s so much more than a make over show.

Who is watching? I’m only seen 2/8 of the second season episodes but think we can talk without really spoilering too much?

I was with D last week on her birthday and when we got back from dinner, SIL turned on soccer. D announced we would not be watching any more soccer (we had watched at sports bar during lunch), but we would be streaming an episode of “Queer Eye.” It was the one where they makeover the mama from Gay, GA, as well as her gay son for their church homecoming. I really enjoyed it and will probably watch more during the summer lull in my regular television. Great message about acceptance for all!

I just binged it last week and loved it. I watched the original version years ago and like that this group will help anyone, not just straight guys. I have been a fan of Jonathan since his “Gay of Thrones” days (if you haven’t watched these Game of Thrones recaps, check them out), and actually decided to check out the show after hearing an interview with Tan on NPR.

Tan just seems like the kindest person ever genuinely. Just a wonderful personality and it pains me to think that while his family didn’t officially reject “him” they did by just pretending his lifestyle and H didn’t exist. He seems to in many ways respect his Indian culture - but they, not him. Sad.

My daughter and her sorority friends are totally in love with the new Queer Eye. It’s on my “to be binged” list.

I watched the original and loved it. And I am completely in love with the Netflix reboot. I wanted to cry when the last episode of my season two binge ended. Jonathan’s podcast is helping to fill the void. The most recent one is with Jonathan and Tan. Adore them both.

I watched the original and really liked it. After reading your post, thought I’d give the new one a try today. It’s really good and I like the guys. It may take awhile to be able to take the one with the long hair, a bit phony and over the top for me right now.

@conmama I thought the same at first about Jonathan (long hair). But he has grown on me. He is really, really good with all the people he works with. He is extremely outgoing but also can be kindly emotional.

Keep watching - I hope you love it!

@abasket , the original had a more flamboyant man, too. But I thought he was funny. So, Jonathon must be his “replacement”. I’ll keep watching for sure.

It’s been on my list of shows to watch but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Everyone I know who has watched it, has loved it! I watched the original 15 years ago! and always enjoyed it. A friend of one of my D’s was on the original as the “culture vulture”.

Oh yes. Because on the original, Carson Kressley was the epitome of understated and demure. :slight_smile:

See #8 above. I thought he was funny. I don’t think Jonathon is so far.

I loved the original and I love this reboot. I wouldn’t let myself binge watch it because I wanted to savor it and now I only have the last episode to watch. I’m going to miss it. I’ve enjoyed each episode, but I especially enjoyed the wedding proposal, the handyman and the almost college graduate. I wish there were more feel good television series. I watched a lot of dark, brooding series like Broadchurch (which I enjoyed), but in these times I crave the verification that people are still basically good and kind and civil.

Netflix released a bonus episode of QE2 on YouTube that takes place in Australia. I haven’t seen it yet, but the comments about it are really positive.

We are enjoying it too. The guys were all on “Watch What Happens Live” the other night and I love them even more now.

I watched the first two episodes of season 1 today. I’ll keep watching. We watched the original series years ago, and I liked that cast, too. These guys are also very good with their clients. I forgot how touching the episodes can be. There are so many people stuck in a rut- physical, emotional, etc. and it’s inspiring to see their transformations.

https://nypost.com/2018/02/21/how-a-muslim-immigrant-became-the-breakout-queer-eye-star/ says that he is British with parents from Pakistan. His husband is LDS from Wyoming. The article quotes him saying “It made it easier to date somebody who had similarities to me. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke” (drinking alcohol and smoking are prohibited or at least discouraged in both Islam and LDS).

Ok, this show has grown on me in just 3 episodes. I think I actually like it better in some ways than the first. My favorite is Tan. I’m just drawn to him. He also has the most gorgeous eyes and smile! I’m even laughing at Jonathon now. I’ve actually teared up in a couple shows. I want them for a makeover.

You’ll full on cry before the end of the season!!! :slight_smile:

D2 and I finished the second season last night. Can’t wait for the third. If you haven’t watched put it on your fall watch list!!! (Netflix series).

Also if you love podcasts, check out Jonathan’s podcast “Getting Curious” - he has featured most if not all of the guys on an individual podcast - many, many interesting stories of how they arrived where they are, their family backgrounds,etc.

I loved it, they are so talented! Can’t wait for Season 3. I love hearing Tan speak.