Query (Rochester Institue of Technology)

I am an IB student with an achieved score of 43 (Physics, Chemistry, Biology HL- 7 in all). However, I did not have computer science as a subject. Am I eligible to apply for their Game design and development major? Will I be at a disadvantage compared to students with computer science? Additionally, does RIT offer full financial aid to international students? If not, around what percentage of tuition is covered by aid?

@Benhead26 how much can your family pay per year for you to attend college? Do you have an affordable option in your home country?

From the RIT website (and you should read the international student financial aid section yourself in total)

RIT also does not guarantee to meet full need for all accepted students. Merit aid is competitive. If full tuition awards are not available, then you would likely need to add the costs for room, board and personal expenses to your costs as well as whatever the balance on your tuition would be.

Without knowing your SAT or ACT score…it’s impossible to even guess if you are in the ballpark for merit awards anywhere.

Oh…and RIT is need aware for international students meaning that your ability to pay will be considered when your admissions application is reviewed.