Quest University Canada

My son attends Quest and I am extremely satisfied with the education he is receiving. I have a B.A. from U of Toronto and a masters from U of Texas at Austin, so my personal experience was at very large universities. Quest offers a different academic experience, with significant interaction with professors in small classes. Lots of reading to prep; no lectures. If you study the faculty page on their website, you will see that Quest attracts highly qualified professors from an array of prestigious universities. The professors seem to be drawn to Quest because of its focus on teaching and experiential learning, not to mention great opportunities for outdoor adventure on weekends. It is not so much of a research institute for professors, although students will develop very strong research skills.

Quest operates on a block system, so just one class at a time, but it is intensive and be prepared for a heavy workload. In an earlier thread, somebody asked if the Quest website is based on lies. Their accreditation is listed on their website, and you can confirm its validity for yourself.

As a private university, tuition is indeed higher than at publicly funded Canadian universities. But look at the big picture of cost of tuition+housing. If you attend one of the big city Canadian universities, such as UofT or UBC, you will likely be paying for a pricey apartment by your 2nd year. By contrast, you will live in a reasonably priced dorm throughout your time at Quest.

Quest is a young school, so it does not have an established reputation… yet. That being said, many Quest graduates have gone on for masters degrees at prestigious universities in Canada and the U.S. So Quest’s reputation is growing in academic circles. But if you are concerned about reputation and prefer the safe route, go elsewhere. If you want to develop strong critical thinking skills and be a big fish in a small pond, go to Quest.

Feel free to ask any questions that you think the parent of a current student ought to be able to answer.

I only can say the majority of Canadian students won’t apply to this school.

First post, and it’s to pump a little known school in Canada. Hmmm…