Question about honors section of the common app

Back when i was originally filling out my common app my counselor told me that the honors section of the common app was only for super specific things and that it wasn’t a big deal not to have anything to put in the section, and that I was good to go with my common app. I’ve submitted a couple of my applications already and I was doing some research and some sources are making it seem like the honors section is a bigger deal than my counselor made it seem? I didnt put any awards in because I didnt think i should, but am I wrong? Is it a big part of applications? Should I try and put something together for it before the rest of my applications are due soon? Any words of advice would be much appreciated thanks!!

My son listed his honors and awards in the “Honors” section of the common app in a very simple fashion:

Award name; school, regional, state or national level; grade when award was received.

He only had 5 award items, all related to his academic interests, but nothing remotely near the Intel’s ISEF.