Question about LGBT Students

<p>Hey --
So, I happen to be a gay male coming to 'Cuse from an arts school in a very liberal state. Coming from such a different type of middle/high school (all we focused on were the arts, thus without a doubt there was tolerance for lgbt students, and it was really gay-friendly, etc), I'm not sure how transitioning to Syracuse will be. </p>

<p>My number one fear is that my roommate will have a problem with me being gay, will get angry, won't like me, etc. To those straight males out there, how would you feel if your roommate came out to you? Would you be uncomfortable, and would you give them a chance? Trust me, not all (if any) of us want to touch you/check you out. </p>

<p>I know that Syracuse as a campus is supposed to be okay with the gays, but I'm not sure how it is with the student body. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Danke, hope to hear from some people soon.</p>

<p>personally, as a straight man, i wouldn't mind a gay roommate. admittedly, i'm an art student and half my friends are gay--actually i've roomed in a quad with gay guys before. syracuse is a pretty liberal school, so other than the classically rich homophobic frat guys, most people probably won't have a problem with it.</p>

<p>if you'd posted this a few months ago, i'd have said check out the arts adventure learning community or the LGBT studies learning community because they'd likely be very gay-friendly (this is actually part of why i joined the arts adventure learning community...nice people hahaha). since it's too late to select your new roommate, i'd suggest you tell your roommate when you meet him for the first time, probably on facebook. i don't feel like it's right that you should have to expose your sexuality to a stranger, but i think you're better off letting him know over the summer and letting him digest it before he gets to school. don't treat it like a big deal though, cause it's probably not. </p>

<p>the worst case scenario is he goes and complains with res life and you end up in a single. don't stress about it too much.</p>

<p>I'm hoping that people will just not care. I've got tons of heterosexual male friends here at home, so being in an environment where the general straight male population may not really be comfortable with a gay guy within the area would be strange to me...</p>

<p>I had no idea about those learning communities, I should have done my research. I was thinking of calling up Reslife and asking if it may still be possible, but I just found that the deadline was way back when in May. Oh, well! Hopefully my future roommate won't have an issue.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help. :)</p>

<p>I go to syracuse and even though I am not a guy I can tell you that people that I know are completely fine with whatever your sexual preference is. I know that at first it can be awkward and you will feel uncomfortable wondering on whether you should immediately tell people or wait and all I can say is that it is your choice and no matter what there are going to be people who disagree with you or your choice but they do not matter and are non important there are always going to be people to disagree with someone from the clothes they wear to the complexion of their skin. You have nothing to worry about this campus is very accepting and they have a no tolerance policy, trust me we get emails about them all the time.I promise you will be fine. Good Luck at Cuse</p>

<p>Hey dude, I am a sophomore this year, and I can tell you my first year experience was very interesting. The first semester I roomed with another guy who was gay it was less than a great experience. I was not part of the LGBT community and honestly I wouldn't have recommended living in a community, because in someways it limits the variety of people you would bond with. For the second semester I roomed with a pretty conservative guy ( catholic and republican) he never had a problem with it and honestly he would have been one of the people to say something.</p>

<p>It is very safe to say the SU community is very accepting and even those who do have their own personal issues it would be shocking to hear they said or did anything. I am sure that you are looking for people to connect with and the LGBT resource center is great to utilize saying this be sure to attend the welcome social. As I never am on CC please feel free to email me sometime <a href=""></a></p>