Question About New NYU Studios for Acting

<p>I am on the verge of scheduling my NYU audition for musical theater, and would like to hear about the new in-house studio system from someone "in the know." I am worried that the new system is not as good as the old one, that the rumours of using the grad students to teach undergrads to save money are true, that the whole quality and "feel" of the programs is entirely different. Tisch is now close to $60,000 per year, and while I wouldn't hesitate to ask my parents or borrow heavily for a school like Rutgers or Juilliard, I am now having serious doubts as to whether I'd want to make a gamble of that magnitude on a school like NYU. </p>

<p>Is there anyone out there who has a student in the "new" NYU studio system, or any freshman experiencing it themselves? Not to offend anyone, but I think that opinions and information from those people would be much more helpful than replies from people whose kids have already been through the old programs---I've heard lots about that but none of it really applies to my situation.</p>

<p>Millie, I can't give you details about the new studio but I will make a couple of comments. Firstly, there are no graduate MT students at Tisch so I'm not sure who has told you that they'll be teaching undergrads. Tisch grad drama students have never taught undergrads and the ones I know who are currently in the grad program are not doing so now, nor have they heard of any of their fellow classmates being asked to do so. They are far too busy with their own program to be teaching undergrads. Secondly, I would strongly recommend that you schedule your audition NOW. You are very late in doing so and my guess is that you may have difficulty getting a spot that is optimum for you.</p>

<p>No one can answer your question, OP, because the New Studio is not up and running, so there are no current students.</p>

<p>Agree with NMR that nobody can comment first hand about New Studio on Broadway as nobody has participated in it yet. The first class in that studio will enter next fall.</p>

<p>However, I highly doubt grad students will teach in the program, as AlwaysAMom also indicates. Grad students have never taught UG Tisch students. There is not even a grad MT program either for that matter. </p>

<p>My D was in CAP21 and of course that is a different studio. But she also did three semesters in one of Tisch's "in house" studios, ETW. As that was run by Tisch, I can tell you it was a superb program that she raves about. I have no doubts that the new studio that Tisch is adding to its "in house" studios will be every bit as terrific. While the studio is new, Tisch is not new, and I find their standards to be high and would be excited to have my kid train in their new studio, if she were applying all over again.</p>

<p>Agree with AlwaysAMom that it is very late to be scheduling your audition and do so right away. I hope there are slots still open for you.</p>

<p>thank you for these replies. I have been very ambivalent about NYU and that's why I've waited so long to do anything about it. The complete overhaul of the school studio system may result in better education or worse, I have no idea. It's the uncertainty that worries me. If there are no open auditions I guess that's one decision made for me and I won't worry about it any further.</p>

<p>There has not been a complete overhaul of the studio system at Tisch. Most of the studios are the same as before. CAP21 and Strasberg (which represent only 2 of the 8 primary studios) are being phased out and then there is ONE new studio: New Studio on Broadway, that is replacing those two and will be the MT studio at Tisch, since CAP21 won't be an option. </p>

<p>If you apply to Tisch, even for MT, and indicate that you will accept any studio if not placed in your first choice one, then you may even be admitted for a studio at Tisch that is not a new studio, in fact. In April, once you have all your options on the table, you can weigh them. </p>

<p>If you are not that interested in Tisch, however, you don't need to apply. Apps, of course, are due in 3 days.</p>