Question about Orientation

<p>For the orientation (schedule posted here - University</a> of Virginia | Summer Orientation | Schedule | First-Year Overview), would it be possible to just stay one of those days? It looks like most of the activities are designed to be during the first day, and the second day really just involves checking out, picking up your ID if you haven't already, and registering for courses. I'm really wondering if you can register for courses the first day.</p>

<p>I'd have no problems staying 2 days if necessary, but with my work schedule, I feel bad taking 2 days off because it creates more work for others.</p>

<p>Thanks to anyone who can offer some answers.</p>

<p>As far as I know, you have to register on the 2nd day. On the first day you usually attend a workshop or two about scheduling and you have a chance to look through courses you want to take. On day two (provided that they haven't changed this in the past couple of years) you meet with a faculty member who goes over your prospective courses and offers advice on scheduling in general (tips on how to not overload and ideas on interesting courses). That faculty person will give you your registration code where you then go and register at a designated time. And then, you basically have someone entering the courses into the computer for you.</p>

<p>Thanks. I guess my main question is, can we take this registration code they give us and register through SIS (as I believe registration is done through SIS)? I was actually surprised to see that orientation was a 2-day event.</p>

<p>no you have to register at your time slot</p>

<p>You have one chance to experience college. Take it or you will regret it. This job cannot be that important. Don't miss out on life working. It is only two days. Enjoy them.</p>

<p>These 2 days are fun, mixed with a strong dose of anxiety about course selections and what-not. You will meet people, in a fun sort of way. One person I met became a future roommate. Enjoy, enjoy.
Jeez, I cannot believe I'm about to be a 4th year student at UVA. Sigh..............</p>

<p>Thanks everyone, I'll definitely be staying for the full two days. I agree with what everyone's said about this experience being a key part to starting college.</p>